Short Clip Animation with Sound - Crystal Sparkling!


Welcome to this Art Tip, the subject is Animation with Sound! Hope you like it. This time, the main content will be the video. I’ll add here some information about sound in Clip Studio Paint with text and images. So let’s do it! (Oh, you can enable the CC option on Youtube)

Importing Audio

First, it’s nice to keep everything organized. Create a folder on your desktop and save your Clipstudio paint file there. The audio file is going to be in the folder as well. Click, drag and drop the audio in the workspace to import the audio. To see the timeline, you go to Window – timeline.

You can also import going to File – Import – Audio.

Sound Effects can be found on the internet, to this tutorial I recorded myself with different glasses of water and a spoon. At the end, you’ll be able to download the original Clip Studio Paint file and the sound effect!

No Sound!

If your preview has no sound, don’t worry! Go to Animation – Playback Settings – Play in Real Time. By doing so, every time you hit play there will be sound.

Also, make sure to adjust the position of your audio, so it will fit on the right spot. Oh, by the way...

Adjusting the Position

To me, the fastest way to do it is: Position your mouse over this area

The cursor will turn into a hand. Now, click and drag it to the left or right to move your audio. You can also cut some parts of the beginning by clicking and dragging the edge of the sound.

Exporting the File

After completing your short animation it’s time to export it. Go to File – Export Animation – Movie. And here it is. Now you can share your small clips and animations with your friends, at the same time that you practice!


So this is it, I tried to focus here only on the sound effect, you can see how each layer was made if you watch the video. I also ask that if you want to start with animation, do it today! Hope this tutorial can help you, have a nice day.



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