Happy Noodles!


Welcome! Today we’re going to draw noodles for comics!
You can also watch a video of this drawing and there are some comments over it, talking about the ideas behind each step! Hope you like it!

Food Plate

Since it is more geometric, it’s nice to do it with quick shapes and Clip Studio Paint has a lot of tools to do it. To have more control over the shape, you can use a vector layer!

You can also adjust each corner, quickly fixing small mistakes. There are many options, like changing the line width, adding new points and simplify shape!

By moving the dot, you can put it on the right position. Vector layers are great to make these quick adjustments, that saves a lot of time!

If you add another oval shape, you can make the interior of the plate. You can resize it and adjust each individual corner.


The idea here is to draw an overall shape for the noodle first, then add details by drawing each noodle separated. You don’t need to fill the entire area with individual drawings, because you can alternate normal strokes and hatching. Blank and Filled spaces helps to create more depth too. Here's the Sketch.

Here’s a demonstration of how you can mix lines, hatching, blank and dark spaces. The idea is to keep a rhythm. Alternating between these options that were mentioned.

And that’s it for today! I’m happy to be making these tutorials and I also learn a lot during the process of making these videos! I hope this tip can help you to draw your own noodles, it isn’t hard and I’m sure you can make your own too!
I'm going to eat something now, till the next time!!



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