Customizing your 3D space -Ver.2.0-




A new feature for customizing 3D space has been added to Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2.0.0.

1. Creating a 2-point perspective in a 3D space

When you look up or down in a 3D space it results in a 3-point perspective, but this can be changed to 2-point perspective by adjust a setting under [Lens] in the [Sub Tool Detail] palette.
Changing to 2-point perspective makes all lines perpendicular to the ground parallel.

You can adjust this setting under [Lens] in the [Sub Tool Detail] palette when selecting a 3D layer with the [Object] sub tool.
Tap [Straighten] to switch the 3D layer display to a two-point perspective.

3D layers with [Straighten] turned on can also be converted to lines and tones allowing you to create even more variation for comic scenes.

You can revert your image by tapping [Reset adjustment].

2. Changing 3D camera position without changing the angle

You can use [Lens shift] in the [Lens] category of the [Sub Tool Detail] palette to change the position of the 3D camera without changing the angle of the 3D object.

This is useful when you want to change the 3D layout while maintaining the [Straighten] setting.

On the left image below, the camera is moving vertically. On the right side, the lens shift is moving vertically.

3. Creating a sense of distance

You can add depth to a 3D space with the settings under [Fog] in the [Sub Tool Detail] palette.

With Fog, the further away an object is from the camera, the more it becomes blurred, creating a sense of depth.

To create Fog in your 3D space, tap [Enable fog].

You can adjust the fog’s depth from [Start position] and [Depth]. [Start position] applies fog at a specified distance from the camera. [Depth] specifies the position where the fog is the thickest, in terms of distance from [Start position].

You can also change the color of the fog from [Color] under [Fog]. This is useful when you want to blend 3D materials with the color of the background.
For example, the image below shows an image with a sunset in the background. Changing the fog color to orange will help the 3D material blend with it.



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