Get experimental with the Color Mixing Palette -Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.12.0-





The Color Mixing Palette feature has been added to Companion mode, allowing you to turn your phone into a handheld digital paint palette.

The Color Mixing Palette is available on all platforms from Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.12.0.


Use the Brush tool and Blend tool to try mixing colors off-canvas.


It works similarly to a traditional palette experience allowing you to create new colors intuitively. You can also use it as an area to test out different tools and make small samples.


Check this out for more information about Companion mode.


Note: How to display the Color Mixing Palette

You can display the Color Mixing Palette from the Window menu > Color Mixing.

This will be included in the Color palettes as a tap by default on the Desktop UI of Clip Studio Paint (for computers).


On the smartphone version you will be able to bring it up from Palette Bar Settings dialog box.

Learn more about Palette Bar Settings here:


Mixing Colors

In Color Mixing mode you can use a Brush to paint and the Blend tool to mix the colors together.


Then, use the Eyedropper to select the colors in the drawing area.

You can long press to select a color even when using the Brush or Blend tool.


Use two fingers to swipe and pan the drawing area and pinch in and out to zoom in or out.

Note: You can use the Hand tool to scroll around the Color Mixing Palette when on computer or tablet.


You can do a two-finger tap to Undo and a three-finger tap to Redo.


Names and functions

The functions available in the Companion mode Color Mixing on the tablet and computer differ slightly.


1) Drawing color area: the color that you currently have selected is displayed here. Tap it and a color selection dialogue box will appear.

2) Clear: clears the drawing area of your Color Mixing Palette

3) Brush size: tap to change the brush size to small, medium, or large

4) Brush

5) Blend

6) Eyedropper: pick up a color from the drawing area

7) Display menu: brings up the menu that controls the background color and more


Functions only available on the Color Mixing Palette:

A: Undo

B: Redo

C: Use same sub tool as canvas: draws with the current sub tool.


You can also expand the Color Mixing Palette so you can see all functions at once.




Use same sub tool as canvas Color Mixing Palette


By using “Use same sub tool as canvas”, you can use the sub tool that is currently selected on the Sub tool palette.


Note, if you try to paint with a sub tool that cannot be used in the Color Mixing palette, your cursor will display an error when hovering over the drawing area.

You can use the following sub tools with the Output process: Direct draw, Closed area fill, Freeform gradient, Zoom, Hand tool, and Eyedropper.

Note: Check the Output process of your current sub tool by going to the Sub tool palette, bringing up the menu, and then selecting Sub tool settings.




Set your favorite sub tools in the Color mixing palette


The three sub tools on the right of the Color Mixing Palette can be customized by going to the menu in the top-left corner and selecting “Register current sub tool” to set your favorite tools.


1) Select the sub tool you want to register in the Sub Tool palette.


2) Choose “Register current sub tool” from the top-left menu and choose the tool you would like to overwrite.

Select Overwrite Blend from this menu.


3) Blend, which is set by default, will be overwritten with the tool you selected in step 1.


If you want to restore default settings go to the top-left menu > Register current sub tool > Reset to default.


Color Set

Besides the color palettes you can select colors from Color Sets.

Note: In the tablet and PC versions of the app you can turn Show color set on and off from the menu on the top-left side of the Color Mixing Palette.


You can also add Color Set tiles and customize them.


Tap the + Button on the right side of the palette to add your currently selected color to the Color Set.

Note: If you don’t see the + Button displayed, try swiping left on the color set to reach the end of the set.


Drag the drawing color on the lower left side to the color set area and drop it in to add it.


Long press on any color you want to remove from the color set.


On the tablet and PC versions you can right-click to delete a color from the color set on the Color Mixing Palette.


Background colors

You can change the background color from the menu.

Changing the color will help if you are using white to mix in your colors.



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