Selection Tool in Coloring and Rendering





I have shared some tips on how to use the selection tool for coloring and rendering.


I have used an illustration from tppo and showed the techniques to achieve similar results. I have also shared the method of tiling where rectangular selection tool is a must.


***You can find the base colored file and the tools that I used in the description of the YouTube video.***


Here is a quick overview of the tips regarding selection tools #SelectionToolTechniques -



Tip-1: Selection tool for shadows and highlights

1. Shadow and highlights layer need to be between the line-art and base colored layers and clipped to the base colored layer.

If the base colors are not in separate layer then use the selection tool to select the area you want to modify. For most cases an airbrush can be used to add shadows and highlights.

Tip-2: Select and fill to add hard shadows

2. For hard shadows, use the lasso tool to make the shape of your shadows and fill with color. It is quite faster compared to coloring with brush strokes.

Tip-3: Adding Gradients using Selection Tool

3. In order to apply gradient to a certain part of the artwork without using the gradient tool, use the lasso tool and fill with color. Then use the airbrush with transparent color.


Tip-4: Selection Tool in Tiling

4. In order to make tiling, you need the rectangular selection tool, usually square, to make the desired part an “Image Material Layer“. Check the video for further details.

Tip-5: Adding Borders

You can add borders to your designs using selection tools. First make a selection of the design you want to add border to, and then expand the selection according to preference. Now create a new layer below your design layer and fill the selection with your desired color. You can repeat this process to add multiple borders of multiple colors.

Final Results:

If you follow the above tips, you will end up having similar results. Don’t forget to download the shared base colored file from YouTube…


You can find some more tips and visual representation of the tips stated above in the video. Make sure to be creative and use your imagination and come up with unique applications of the tips to enhance the outlook of your artworks.


Don’t forget to share them with me (●'◡'●)


Thank you for reading ^^.

[Tutorial] tppo's animated Illustration in Clip Studio Paint | #SelectionToolTechniques



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