How to draw clothes + Winter Outfits




How to draw clothes + GIF with different winter outfits.



I am Daniel Hincapié, a Character Designer and Illustrator. I have worked for several years designing characters for very varied projects. Here I am going to teach you basic fundamentals for drawing clothes and how to avoid common mistakes. I hope you like it :).

I will show you how I made these outfits for my character.

Basic Fundamentals

BUT. Let's start with the basics first.

When drawing clothes it is important to keep volume, gravity and folds in mind. Here is an example that shows how a piece of fabric changes the type of folds depending on how taut it is while being affected by gravity.

A fabric is more stretched = Fewer folds and vice versa.


I also find it fun to make GIFS in Clip Studio to test if I understand how things work, in this case the folds of a fabric, but sometimes I do it to test character poses, or expressions. This helps a lot with solid drawing.



Here is another clear example of when gravity affects the fabric, in this case the t-shirt. It is also important to note that the folds on the shirt are asymmetrical, that is, they are not the same on the left side as on the right side, this “imperfection” makes it look natural and pleasing to the eye.

Here in this case there is no object under the piece, in the previous drawing there was a hook and in this case there is nothing to support the pants, then it would fall to the ground and for this it is important to remember the volume that builds it (the cylinders ).

Finally, remember that fabrics will always adapt to what is underneath them, here is an example.

Use of references

It is very useful to use your own references, in this case I took several photos of clothes I have to analyze what happens with different types of fabric and sizes.


Here are some things I realized just from these photos:


Wide fabrics do not usually generate as many folds. If the material is very thin/thin, many folds would be generated.

Jean fabrics generate many folds.

Leather does not change its shape as much compared to other fabrics that, due to their folds, generate different silhouettes.

Analyzing helps to understand. I recommend that you do it with your own outfits :)

Drawing the outfits

Here I had prepared a drawing of a character that I like to draw and on the left side the clothes that I wanted to put on him. I first made a sketch and added piece by piece, drawing clothes is not that difficult if you use references and try to simplify.


In the video version you can see the timelapse of this drawing. For the next ones I did not make a sketch since I was clear about the clothes I was wearing and I decided to draw the lineart directly.

Here are other outfits that I made based on outfits that I have seen on people or that I have in my closet.

Make a GIF with different outfits

To make a GIF with the outfits in Clip Studio is very simple. Here I show you the steps:



That would be all. I hope it can be of some use to you.

Thank you.

Here you can see more of my work :)



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