Medusa, Step by Step

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Hello! My name is Caitlin Waters and today we will be drawing a Medusa.

The sketching will be done with the G-Pen.

First we will sketch out our Medusa by giving her a human upper body with arms and a long lower half like a snake;

Now we will add more detail to Medusa.

Do not worry if your lines come out odd, it will be fixed when we finish it off with the final lines.

Set the layer you just drew on to 30%,making it a bit transparent,now lock the layer so you can't mess with it.
Make a new layer and begin to add the details by starting with her face like so;

Next we will make the body look a bit better.
Note: I decided to change the hands on this one from the sketch,since it was coming out ugly.

She's looking good so far! Now we will add her snake hair.

Clean up the sketch a bit and you will be finished with her hair.

That should be it for the full body sketch,onto the next step!

Now all we have to do is go over the lines again so that they look clean.
I will be making adjustments to her right now.

After feeling satisfied with the lines, now we can add some clothing and items.

Now she looks almost complete! Time to start coloring.
Any skin tones and scale colors will do,same with the clothing.
Make layers for "skin" "scale" "clothing", so that you can remember what to shade.

I added some markings and a bit of detail to her underbelly. Merge the layers (except the lines) so it's all one color. Then copy the layer and get ready to shade!

Give the shade a color like this,we will then lock the transparency and add white to parts of the shade to give it some depth.
Note: Locking the transparency will keep the color in,unless you use the eraser!

This is what it looks like normally.

And this is what it looks like with multiply

Now to add the highlights using white and the Overlay mode.

Good! Now for one final thing to make her look a bit better. We are gonna color the lines.

Alright! Now that's done, lets add a simple background.

I'll add a little yellow lighting as if the sun is shining.

And just like that,we are done with the tutorial! Hope this was of use to you. See you next time!


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