Draw characters with silhouettes & 3d models




This is a quick tutorial about drawing/sketching characters with 3D model with the silhouette technique. This combination is great because it gives you the solid structure of the 3d model for the proportions, as well as a good idea of the 3D forms. The silhouette is all about the 2D shape, and it can make things more dynamic.


Using this silhouette technique is great for designing all kinds of characters, and combining this with the 3D models in Clip Studio Paint so much easier.

Step 1 Choose the pose & body type

The first step is simple, just choose the pose you want (I chose a basic running pose), and body type ( I made the head to body ratio 2 so I get this chibi-like 3d model)

Then lower the opacity

Step 2 Create the silhouette

In a new layer start filling in the 3d model with a solid color (black)

-Think about the big shapes

-Think about things like the shape of the hair, the shape of the outfit, and anything else the character may be holding.

  • Doesn’t need to be perfect, think of it like sketch, it’s just to give you a basic idea.

Step 3 Sketch inside the silhouette

For this step I like to lower the opacity of the silhouette, so I can see the 3D model under it. You can see where all the body parts are and you get a better idea of where everything goes.

-Use white to sketch the inside of the silhouette

-Follow the guidelines on the 3D model to find the center of the head, the body, and to round up the forms

Step 4 Draw your character using the guidelines

Create a new layer

and start sketching, and adding small details to your character.

-Follow the guidelines you’ve created to help you draw things in the right place.

Step 5 Adjustments

This is the last step of the sketch, here I like to make some adjustments like the head position, the size of the eyes, or just moving things around if needed.

-For this I like to use the lasso tool, and then free transform

Now you have the most important part of the drawing done.

You can take it in any direction you want, ink it, add color, or even paint over it.

Video process

Check my youtube channel for more tips and tricks



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