Amazing Character Cartoon


Here you can have a fast tips to make a drawing using a 3d model

Tip 1
Create some thumbnails of your character,
I like to use small resolution to do this
72 dpi ...
First create a standing pose ..

see this example:
small head, thiny legs, and strong arms...
you can put some details, costumes, helmets, belt, or anything that your character use....
You can write the name of parts of body and accessories...

After that, create some actions poses...
Draw in a simple way... remember: poses are action, try to focus only in movement... here you don´t need put too may details

Now is time to use 3d character...!!!

Create a new file with a big resolution
300 dpi is good!

after that we will put the 3d character
select one pose and drag and drop it to a layer...

Put it over the drawing. Go to adjust body and make some modifies in your model
you can change all the body and individual parts like head, body, chest, shoulders, arms and legs

Now let us use one action pose...
you can start using an pose from the library... choose one similar to your drawing... Drag the pose over your 3d model... so just move the parts of the body to put in a similar pose as your sketch.

remember to save the pose... and your file

Wow.. Time to drawing!!!

Make sure the camera's pose and angle are good ...
rotate the character to see if it has no strange limb or body pose

Add a new layer
reduce 3d layer opacity
make a sketch now

Create a new layer to do a polish line

Create a base to add shadows and lights

Create a new layer to do shadows : dark shadow, middle shadow and lightshadow


create new layer to colors

Now you can finish with shadows, lights...
Shadows you can use multiply and lights overlay layer


Line color... using lock transparent pixel to color the line

Thanks!! I hope you enjoy this Tutorial!!!


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