Hair - Color by tight layers.


Hello everyone! My name is Jumep, the objective of the tutorial is to explain how to color the hair and apply details using the “Adjust to lower layer” layer tool, so let's go to it.
Personally I like to work my drawings on a lineart, so I give the structure and the initial direction of the hair. The lineart will serve as a guide, from this point it is where we will begin to work the color.

Applying base color.

The first thing to do is to create a new layer, select the area of the hair and give it a base color on which it is going to work, for this we use the “Fill” tool.

Once we have the layer with the base color, we will create another new layer and we will give the option “Adjust to lower layer”, in this way everything we work on this layer will depend on our base color layer.

Applying lines of effect.

In this new layer we will select a slightly darker color than that of our base layer, with the tool “Pen” - “For effect line” we will make the lines in the direction of the hair, in this way we will create the effect of strands.

Applying on the layer would look like this:

Then we create a new layer and to this new layer we will also give the option “Fit to lower layer” but in this we will make lines with a lighter color than the base color. In this way we give an aspect of volume to the hair and strands.

We repeat the process until we have an aspect with which we feel comfortable, it is preferable to dedicate a layer only for the effects of hair shine, applying the procedure of the previous layers.

To give a more striking touch we create a new layer, and in layer mode we select “Linear Overlay”, with the “Brush” tool, “Opaque Watercolor” we apply a stronger color to the dark parts that the hair wears and finally it would be So:

Hair color change

Now we have the details of the hair, but if the final color does not convince us there will be no problem, we can change the color without losing what we have done.

We create a folder and there we will place all the layers we create for the hair, now we will select the hair area as we did at the beginning to create the base color layer, then, outside the folder we create a new layer and apply a new color, in In this case we will use a light green and it would look like this:

Now in "Layer mode" select "Multiply" and ready we have the hair with a new color tone. This method is quite practical because it allows us to interact with different shades of colors, they can play a little with the modes, if what is wanted is that the finish is a little clearer in layer mode we select “Color”, it all depends on What we want in the end.

Well that's it for this occasion. Thank you! I hope this method is useful to you.


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