Simple! Introducing useful methods for "transformation / correction"!


Finally completed! ,,,Yup? The eyes are out of position!

Do you all have such an experience?
After it was finally completed, he said, "The position of the eyes is strange!" "Oh, I want to transform and correct it!"

"Transformed / corrected"! But it's a hassle because there are too many layers!

And even if you try to "transform / correct", there are too many layers as shown in the image below, so it's hard to get motivated, right?

So ... _ |  ̄ | ○

Even if you have a lot of layers, it's okay! !! !!

So, this time, I will introduce a method that can solve that problem.

What is the solution?

It's a very simple method.

It's a "folder".
Put all those many layers in a folder!

Put all the layers in a "folder" ...

Select all layers with the "Shift key", put them in a folder, and select "Folder".

Enclose the part you want to "transform / modify" with "selection range".

Then click "Enlarge / Reduce / Rotate".

And you can easily "transform / modify" in this way.
This allows you to "transform / modify" all layers in a folder at once.

No, no, no, I want to transform and modify only "several layers"!

Instead of transforming / modifying all layers, you can transform / modify only "several layers" in the same way.

As before, select the layer you want to transform / modify with the shift key and put it in the folder.

Then, as before, in the "Selection", enclose the part you want to transform / modify and click "Enlarge / Reduce / Rotate" to modify it.

Also, although it is not recorded in the video, you can also use "Mesh Transform" in "Edit" of the menu without "Enlarge / Reduce / Rotate".

One last word

The method I introduced this time is neither taught by anyone nor just looking at the instruction manual.

It's the way I came up with it and tried it.

If you look at the instructions, you'll see how to do this.
But it's difficult to read all the many instructions, right?

So, if you think, "Maybe you can do something like this?", Please try it immediately.

Thank you for reading to the end.
If you like, we also have a video, so please have a look.

* If you are anxious about hearing, we recommend you to set "automatic subtitles" on YouTube.
I edit the subtitles myself, so the subtitles may be easier to understand 😓
Also, overseas people are encouraged to set "automatic subtitles" as their mother tongue.

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Weep and sing with joy! 😊

Thank you.


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