New color mixing with dual brushes - do even more with dual brushes!




In Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.11.0, [Smear] was added as a new [Color mixing] option for brushes. This new feature allows you to set up color mixing for dual brushes as well.


[1] Adding brushes with these new settings

The [Wet wash] and [Thick oil paint] brushes were updated for Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.11.0. They have been updated to support the new color mixing mode, [Smear], and have been tweaked to make them more suitable for color mixing and reduce the burden on the artist.


・Wet wash (Brush > Watercolor)

It is now much lighter-feeling than in previous versions. The base color also blends more naturally with brush strokes made over it.


Thick oil paint (Brush > Thick paint)

As in previous versions, it is possible to lay down vibrant colors, but now it is possible to blend your strokes with the base color by applying less pressure to the brush.


After updating your version of Clip Studio Paint to the latest version (Ver 1.11.0 or later), you can add the updated [Wet wash] and [Thick oil paint] brushes from [Add from default] in the top-left menu in the [Sub tool] palette.

Note: If you are installing Clip Studio Paint afresh, and not updating from a previous version, the updated brushes are included as default.


The [Wet wash] and [Thick oil paint] with the new configurations are also available on Clip Studio ASSETS.



[2] Main features of color mixing with [Smear]

[Smear] is a way to mix the base color (which has already been laid down) with the active painting color. The alpha value (transparency) of the base color is not changed in this process.


It differs from the traditional mixing functions [Blend] and [Running color] in the following ways:


・You can set [Color mixing] to [Dual brushes]. ・You can set brushes’ [Blending mode]. ・You can configure the [Effect Source] of the [Opacity]. ・You can use the color of the brush tip shape (color, main color, sub color) for color mixing.


In addition to the updated brushes, we also recommend you apply the new feature to the [Flat watercolor brush] and [Glitter], which [Color mixing] was not available for until now.


[3] Setting up [Smear]

Check the [Color mixing] box under [Tool Property] > [Sub Tool Detail] palette [Ink], then select [Smear] as your drawing type.

Note: The [Sub Tool Detail] palette cannot be used in Clip Studio Paint DEBUT.

If you find it difficult to blend colors, try reducing the [Amount of paint],


As [Smear] does not change the transparency of the base color, you cannot change the [Density of paint].

If [Color mixing] is turned on for a dual brush, the color mixing mode will automatically be switched to [Smear].


↓ For more on Color mixing, as well as pen and brush customization, please refer to the following article.


↓ For more on dual brushes, please refer to the following article.




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