Brush tools have been upgraded - Ver.1.10.10-




Supported from Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.11.0


Initial brush sub tools refresh

In Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.10.10, the initial brush-type sub tools, [Pen], [Pencil], [Brush], [Blend] and [Decoration] have been updated. We have also added new sub tools that make use of the new [Dual brush] and [Color Jitter] functions to the lineup.

Additionally, in Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.11.0, color blending functionality was added to Dual Brushes, and the sub tools Wet wash and Thick oil paint were updated.


If you already have Clip Studio Paint installed

Updating from Ver. 1.10.9 (or earlier) to a later version will not change any of your existing default sub tools; the update will only add new brushes, but will not change the settings of any sub tools that were present before the update.


If you would like to add the updated brushes, select [Add from default] from the menu at the top-left of the [Sub tool] palette.

The default sub tools that were updated in Versions 1.10.10 and 1.11.0 are available on Clip Studio Assets.


Sub tools that have been removed as initial sub tools, as well as sub tools from Ver.1.10.9 and earlier whose settings have changed (except for brush size), can be downloaded from Clip Studio ASSETS.



If you are installing Clip Studio Paint for the first time on Ver.1.10.10, or if you reverted the tools to default and restarted the program, the way the brush-type tools are grouped and structured will have changed from Ver.1.10.9 and earlier.

For more information on tool configuration, please refer to “Initial sub tool groups for new installs”.


- Newly Added Initial Sub Tools (11)

These initial sub tools are automatically added when installing or updating to Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.10.10.


★Initial sub tools with dual brush functionality

☆Initial sub tools with color jitter functionality


[Pencil] tool > [Pencil] Group > [Pencil]


[Brush] tool > [Watercolor] > [Wet wash]


[Brush] tool > [Watercolor] > [Watercolor splash]



[Brush] tool > [Thick paint] > [Thick oil paint]



[Brush] tool > [India ink] > [Brush pen]


[Brush] tool > [India ink] > [Dry ink]


[Brush] tool > [India ink] > [Watery ink]


[Brush] tool > [India ink] > [Wet blotting ink]


[Decoration] tool > [Effect] > [Dappled light]



[Decoration] tool > [Effect] > [Glitter]



[Decoration] tool > [Clothing] > [Zipper]

Note: By disabling [Dual brush] in [Tool properties], you can draw one side of the zipper (rather than a closed zipper).


- Initial sub tools that have been updated

The following initial sub tools will not be added to the [Sub tool] palette in the update. If you need any of these brushes, you can add them yourself by selecting them from the menu at the top-left of the [Sub tool] palette > [Add from default].

In addition to the initial sub tools shown here, the sizes and other parameters of some other brushes have also been adjusted.


[Pen] tool > [Marker] > [Felt pen]


[Pencil] tool > [Pencil] > [Mechanical pencil]


[Pencil] tool > [Pastel] > [Charcoal]


[Pencil] tool > [Pastel] > [Crayon]


[Pencil] tool > [Pastel] > [Pastel]


[Pencil] tool > [Pastel] > [Chalk]


[Brush] tool > [Thick paint] > [Round mixing brush]


[Brush] tool > [Thick paint] > [Oil paint]


[Decoration] > [Effect] > [Bloodstain]



[Decoration] > [Effect] > [Feather]


[Decoration] > [Effect] > [Petal]


[Decoration] > [Effect] > [Rose]


[Decoration] > [Effect] > [Cherry]


[Decoration] > [Background] > [Leaves]


[Decoration] > [Background] > [Grass]


[Decoration] > [Background] > [Grass Patch]


[Decoration] > [Background] > [Fallen leaves]


[Decoration] > [Background] > [Ground]


[Decoration] > [Background] > [Cloud]


[Decoration] > [Background] > [Book]


[Decoration] > [Background] > [Building]


[Decoration] > [Clothing] > [Lace]


[Decoration] > [Clothing] > [Simple frill]


[Decoration] > [Clothing] > [Braid]


[Decoration] > [Clothing] > [Thin chain]


[Decoration] > [Clothing] > [Button]


[Decoration] > [Clothing] > [Chain]


[Decoration] > [Clothing] > [Bead chain]


[Decoration] > [Hatching and sand pattern] > [Rough crosshatch]


[Decoration] > [Hatching and sand pattern] > [Light crosshatch]


[Decoration] > [Hatching and sand pattern] > [Black soot]


For brush sub tools except those listed above, the sub tool settings, including initial sub tools that have been made public on Clip Studio ASSETS, have been changed.


For more information about the initial sub tools in this update that make use of the new [Dual brush] and [Color Jitter] features, please refer to the following TIPS.



- Initial sub tool groups for new installs

If you have installed Clip Studio Paint afresh, or if you reverted your tools to default, the tools are structured as follows.


■[Pen] tool


■[Pencil] tool


■[Brush] tool


■[Airbrush] tool

Note: The [Tone scraping] sub tool that was located under the [Airbrush] tool in prior versions of Clip Studio Paint (Ver. 1.10.9 and earlier) has been renamed to [Sand (for tone scraping)] in version 1.10.10 and is now stored under the [Decoration] tool > [Hatching and sand pattern].


■[Decoration] tool


■[Blend] tool


Matching the cursor with the shape and orientation of your brush

The [Brush tip shape] can now be set as the [Shape of cursor] displayed on the canvas when a drawing tool such as a brush, eraser or figure is selected.

The cursor can now also be made to change according to the pressure, tilt, orientation, and movement direction of your pen or brush.




■Changing the Shape of cursor to match the Brush shape


You can set this up from: [File] menu > [Preferences] dialog > [Cursor] > [Shape of cursor].


・On Windows: [File] menu > [Preferences]

・On Tablets/macOS: [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] menu > [Preferences]

・On Smartphones: [Menu] button > [App Settings] > [Preferences]


Cursor Display

・For Dual brushes: the brush tip image of the main brush will be used as the cursor.

・For brushes that contain multiple brush tip images: the first brush tip image will be used as the cursor.

・For spray brushes: the cursor will be displayed as a circle.




■Adjusting the pen pressure and orientation of the cursor


You can change the cursor to match to the pressure, tilt, orientation, and movement direction of your pen or brush.

In the [Preferences] dialog > [Cursor details], choose from the four following settings to change the brush cursor.


  • Do not change
  • Change orientation only
  • Change size, thickness & orientation
  • Change size, thickness & orientation when pen is hovering



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