How to create a profile picture with Clip Studio Paint?


Hello everyone ! Welcome to a new tutorial! Today I show you how to create a profile picture with CSP.

We will see 5 steps:
- Types of profile pictures
- Profile picture styles
- Inking
- Coloring
- Finishes

Before you start, please know that this is my way of doing it and you can make any changes you want if you have any problem with my method.
Now we can start!

Types of profile pictures

First of all, let's define the profile picture, it is an image that corresponds to our identity on the internet, which defines us and distinguishes us from others, it is the first thing we see if we click on a profile or read comments.

There are several types :

- Those where you can see a character, they allow you to put a face to the content you produce, you can easily identify yourself.
- Those where you can see a logo (specific signature, sign…), they allow you to distinguish yourself from others since they are unique, which is why it is the brands that use them mainly.
- Those where we can something that you like and that defines your personality and / or defines the type of content you share like an animal or an object.

Now that we have distinguished the different types of profile photos, it's time to see the different styles of profile photos!

Profile picture styles

Here, when I talk about "profile photo styles", I am talking about the aesthetics of the photo, the way the image of the photo is made.

Generally, there are 2 styles of profile photos:

- The "clean" profile picture, which is inked and colored and often with a decoration.
- The "sketch" profile photo which corresponds to a quick sketch without too many details.


Little advice :

Personally, for "clean" profile photos, I tend to take them directly from complete illustrations, it saves me having format problems and to have good quality.

For "sketch" profile photos, as it's a drawing that doesn't take me a lot of time, I do:
- Either, a drawing of something that I master (for me, it's the girls).
- Either I make several drawings that approach different expressions and I choose the one that I like the most like the example below.

Another tip:

Feel free to use references if you are out of ideas! Take inspiration from your favorite artists, go to sites that offer predefined poses, expressions, angles (for objects in particular), it shouldn't be torture for you to take a profile picture, you have to 'appreciate since it is she who represents you.

For logos, although both styles can apply to you, it's best to have your logo polished, if you're a brand, it's important to polish your image and look professional.

Now that you've chosen your profile picture style, it's time to draw it!


Before starting the inking, it is necessary to make some checks:

-First, make sure you have chosen a large enough format (3000px x 3000px for example) with a high resolution (300/350dpi), you must avoid, when you choose your photo, if you zoom, to see pixels .
- Then, if you have chosen the "sketch" style, make sure to separate the different elements of your photo, the eyes and the face should not be in the same layer, unless you don't care.

- Now you can start inking as usual! If you opt for a "sketch" profile picture, clean up the sketch a bit so that it is readable and clean enough.

- Once your inking is done, put all the layers used for inking in a folder.

By the way, if you have trouble with your lineart, I made a tutorial, which you can watch right here:


Before you start coloring, check that there are no empty spaces in your inking.

Once that's done, select the inking folder and grab the auto select tool.

After the selection is made, invert it.

Then create a new layer below the folder, choose a base color and select the fill tool on the selection bar.

Now you can start coloring!

If your lineart is lighter than the base color you have chosen, you can put the lineart folder in "Product" mode or directly change the color of lineart by locking the layers.

Since it's a profile picture, the coloring doesn't need to be detailed, but do as you please.


Well, our drawing is done, it's time to polish.

You can add a decor behind your character, object.
It doesn't need to be worked on, just a background color or a gradient with a few patterns is enough.

Now, when you go to upload your profile picture, your drawing may not be taken in full, so you need to select the visible part of your profile picture, therefore, take the part of the drawing that captures the most attention .

/!\ Attention, if your profile picture comes from a complete illustration, already prepare the part you want as your profile picture, some sites do not allow you to modify your drawing directly.

This is usually why the ideal is to draw and select your profile picture from the shoulders and not to make a full body.


Voila, your profile picture is finished! Just like this tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it and helped.

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