How to import sounds into Clip Studio Paint




Hello! In this article we will learn step by step and in a simple way How to import sounds in Clip Studio Paint, a tutorial that I had been asking a lot on my YouTube channel, for the same reason, I have decided to do it.


This time I will take the Animation of my online course and you can see the Trailer below:

Where we will learn through Animation exercises to understand the Clip Studio Paint Animation interface.


So taking the final animation of my online course I will show you how to add sounds that we can download from the web.



So without further ado, let's learn in a simple way with this super:

Tutorial: How to import sounds into Clip Studio Paint

🛎 Activate subtitles in:

Settings - Subtitles - Automatic Translation - Choose your language 😉


What did you think of the tutorial?


We saw how to easily import different audios for an animation.


Very important, as we saw in the tutorial, select different layers and not those of the sound when adding more audios.




Because if not, they will be added after the selected sound and we will not be able to move it from there, in case we want to combine sounds.


Leaving that clear, I want to move on to another point.


I want us to go back over how to import audios into Clip Studio, with a new explanation using different images:

Learn to import sounds step by step:

The first thing is to go to File - Import - Audio:

And choose the sound you want to import:

And we have the sound visible in the timeline:

Now we must move it to adapt it to the movement of the character:

And after doing the same with several sounds, we can export the animation choosing the sound quality:

Now, I want to go on to show you the Final Animation with the imported sounds.


Although, you could see it in the tutorial, it is good that you see it individually and play it as many times as you want.


We are going to see Final Animation of the tutorial and of my online course, which I told you about earlier.

Final Animation with Sounds

The link is from Facebook since the Animation is hosted there.

I hope I have helped you in a simple way to learn how to import sounds into Clip Studio Paint.


I leave you a greeting, that you are very well and until next time!



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