October 2022

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Out of the Tips posted between Oct 3 - 31, 2022, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

The themes this time were Cute Creatures, Handy 3D Primitive Hacks, and Backgrounds to boost your characters. Under the Cute Creatures theme, we saw lots of handy tips for drawing a wide variety of animals in a super cute way, from dogs and cats to snow leopards and even chameleons. The Handy 3D Primitive Hacks section gave us loads of useful pointers on how to make use of them in our own work. Finally, the Backgrounds to boost your characters guides we received thoroughly reviewed a number of specific techniques. Submissions for the next Tips of the Month have already started! We’re looking forward to seeing your entries!

Video Award

  1. Mastering how to draw backgrounds that match the mood you’re trying to portray is a surefire way to kick your art up a notch. In this guide, you get five techniques for character illustrations in text and video form, which you can use immediately in your own work. This one is for all of you that feel like your work has plateaued.
  2. This tutorial provides detailed instructions on composing backgrounds, such as how to think about color contrast and arranging items in a composition in a way that draws attention to what you want to showcase. The way everything is explained, especially in the video, which shows how to color correct in real-time, is well done. This guide is an excellent place to start if you’re struggling to create engaging backgrounds.

Gold Award

  1. The first part of this guide goes into great detail about the different impressions you can give by drawing with different angles. Then, in the latter half, the author explains how colors can affect your piece and the various effects you can put on backgrounds using Clip Studio Paint features. The example images are top-notch, and the explanations themselves made for an easy and interesting read.

Silver Award

  1. This tutorial shows you everything you need to know about creating Pixel Art using 3D Primitives, with easy-to-understand explanations on placing and splitting your polygons for maximum effect. The work created during the guide uses features like the Dot pen. It is a very enjoyable read!
  2. This guide shows three different styles of cute animals, standard, chibi, and super chibi, using Clip Studio Paint’s timelapse feature, which lets you can see the artist’s drawing process. This Tips is perfect for beginners and those who struggle with body ratios when creating cute characters!
  3. This tutorial is a must-read for anyone drawing black-and-white manga. Using a single comic panel, it shows multiple techniques that can improve readability and what not to do. The content is practical, and reading through this tutorial alone will help you improve your work's quality.
  4. Learn five key points to make your characters stand out in comic book backgrounds. With simple explanations on how to use Clip Studio Paint features, you're sure to increase your skills and bring new variety to your work!

Bronze Award

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