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Now that you’re done installing Clip Studio Paint, it’s time to draw!


First, try to draw using a pen or brush.

If you are drawing digitally for the first time, or if you are using Clip Studio Paint for the first time, you can get a basic idea of how to draw and understand the basic features of Clip Studio Paint through this series.


If you are used to digital drawing with other software etc., start by finding out the Clip Studio Paint equivalent of your most-used features, and then look into articles that detail how to use them.


This section will detail the following.


What you will learn in this course   

●Digital Drawing Step-by-Step: From Create New to Export

From making a new canvas to drawing and saving your work, this will tell you all about the basics of how to draw in Clip Studio Paint.


●Basic Digital Coloring and Brush Adjustments

From how to paint, blur and erase color digitally with a brush to downloading brushes from Clip Studio ASSETS, this will show you how to customize your initial brushes to fit your needs.


●Basic Layer Techniques for Digital Drawing

This will show useful features exclusive to digital drawing, such as using layers, adjusting your work using selection areas and transforms, and simple ways to change color.


●Import images to enhance your work

This will show you how to import images into your work and apply textures such as paper. It also uses some advanced features for people starting out with digital art, such as layer masks and clipping. 




Please read the following articles on installing Clip Studio Paint and setting up your pen tablet.


Referenced works:

This tutorial is made by Celsys using Amei Zhao’s work.


Artist profile: Amei Zhao



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