How To Create Glitch Effect.




hello, in this tutorial I will show how to get Glitch Effect. I will try to make this tutorial easy so anyone can do it. I will show every step with a picture.

Chromatic Aberration

first, make 2 copy of the illustration by duplicating the layer. then go to the top layer then select edit >tonal correction >level correction.


Under level correction select red as shown in the picture. Then drag the right arrow under output to left as shown. the illustration will change to green.



now select the layer just below the green one and do the same select edit >tonal correction >level correction. this time select green and drag the arrow to the left. it will give a pink color.


after this create a new layer just above the last layer and fill it in black color. I used g-pen to fill it.



now select the top green layer and change layer from normal to screen. do the same with the pink layer.



after changing both green and pink layer to screen the illustration looks like this..

now select either green or pink layer and select move tool. I selected the top green layer and then use the move tool to move the illustration slightly to left or right as you like. it will give this kind of effect as shown.

after you get the desired effect you want then the next step is to combine these 3 layers, the green one the pink one and the black one.


getting glitch effect

duplicate the final layer and name them the top and the bottom.

create a layer mask on the top layer.


now select the marquee tool (rectangle) and select one area at a time on the top layer and clear inside selection. the cleared selection will show a blank area in the layer mask.

the areas I have selected with the marquee tool and cleared inside selection can be seen below. you can select any area you like.



after that select the bottom layer and select move tool and move the illustration to left or right as it seems good with your illustration. after moving the bottom layer the illustration looks like this.

to darken the illustration little bit create a layer over the top layer and fill it with grey color, you can change the opacity of the grey color as you like.


now from the clip studio materials select paper texture wood and drop on the illustration.

the final effect is also done now. you can see the final result. then combine all the layers and its complete ( ━☞´◔‿ゝ◔`)━☞

you can use this effect to show the past or distorted memory. {*≧∀≦}



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