Nice lines with vector layers




Vector and raster layers

Here you can see a few expressions, I would like to clean them with a thin outline.

For this I now create a vector layer, nice way there are vector and raster layers and choose the G-Pen from the pens.

Subtool Detail-Palette

Because I want my lines to look even here, I go to the Subtool Detail palette and then go to Brush Size, click this cheeky symbol here and set the minimum and maximum values to the same size


If you start cleaning now, the lines could look like you shacked around a bit, this is called pen jitter and is not necessarily up to you, but the technical evolution of your tablet

But you can compensate for this by increasing the value for stabilization in the tool properties. And lo and behold, no pen jitter.


Rotate canvas

For beautiful solid lines, you should always pull them towards you.

To do this, you can turn your canvas by holding Shift and turning the mouse wheel up and down.


Draw and cut lines

Always draws the lines nicely through and beyond other lines.

You can cut them off afterwards with the eraser preset vector.

Here you can also adjust the intensity of the anti-aliasing and the efficiency of the eraser. For fine spots, of course you take the smallest one



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