Create ships / machines from everyday objects


In this tutorial we will learn to create futuristic ships / machinery using everyday objects to inspire us


On this occasion I went to my kitchen, look for a lemon squeezer and some tongs, take some photos and choose one that I put here so you can see what I mean, to create the feeling of truthfulness the best is an angle of 3 / 4 that allows anyone who sees our machine to imagine what it would look like in real life.


After having chosen the photograph, I import it into my canvas, we must use our imagination to project where the pilot would go, the cockpit, etc. etc., I also think it is important to think about the thrusters, although we are making fiction, it is important to keep realistic elements. We draw perspective lines for her, we try to fit our ship into a rectangle, we make a smoothly drawn sketch.

On the imaginative sketch, we can create a convincing sketch, we must make straight lines and curves with precision, for which a good trick is to mark with points and raise the precision of our tools, so that we will have more firmness.

Now that I have my imaginative projection, I follow the silhouette of my objects using the curved ruler for greater precision, this will help me later when I want to give my special ship a definite appearance. From here I create my clean sketch, where I integrate well-defined lines with sci-fi elements such as thrusters and cabin


We decide first where the main light source comes from and the colors we are going to use. To have freedom, it is best to make sure that we work within the line, this trick is simple, we simply select with the magic wand everything external, we expand the selection, invert it, fill it with gray, and now we can paint with confidence without leaving the edges.


We look at some real machines, drawings, science fiction, to be able to create some realistic effects, especially engines

I begin to scribble with care and so I create the machine effect that we are looking for, in my case I do not make perfect lines but if you want you can make the lines using curved rules and get a more realistic finish.

I decided to change the direction of the light so that the shadow is on the opposite side now, so I have to modify the color, I put the base colors, create a new layer in multiply mode and with purple spray add the shadows.

That's all folks! I hope you liked it and serve to bring to life all your ideas

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