How to texture realistic monster skin


Final result

Hi, I'm Figaro and we'll see how to add textures to your drawings and images to make them more realistic!

Below I leave a video tutorial for you to see the whole process!

Tutorial video

1. Design

In this case we choose the tentacle of a monster to give it life!

We create a gray layer to be a neutral background and another layer on top of it where we will draw with our pencil tool

We shape it until we are satisfied with it.

2. Colour.

We create a layer below the previous one and we cover the entire surface.

The choice of color can be very important, depending on the color it can be a monster, an octopus, an alien, etc ...

Now in a new layer we are adding shadows and color variations, we must be careful to represent the matter faithfully, the translucent and viscous flesh of some tentacles are complicated to paint! But we can use internet photos as a reference that help us imitate colors. Keep in mind that the more you rely on real elements, the more credible your image will be!

3. Texture.

It's fun time, choose a texture that you think may come in handy for your drawing or image, test if necessary until you find the one that suits you best!

In this case I have chosen the texture of the marble, so I only had to take a quick photo of the table. Remember that you do not always have to look for things on the internet, everything around us has texture and it is easy to take a picture, do not break your head looking for royalty-free photos, create them yourself!

adjust the texture size and use the "mesh transformation" tool, it is important to adjust it to the best possible volume. The idea is as if we were wrapping the tentacle in this case with paper.

Duplicate the texture to cover the entire tentacle if necessary. but remember to erase the areas where they overlap!

Erase what is left over.

Select the three parts of the texture and combine them into one.

Then select the layer, and to erase the protruding parts faster go to "SELECT" - "REVERSE SELECTED AREA" and use the eraser tool.

Finally, use the layer combination to permanently integrate the texture and color into the tentacle!

4. Final retouching.

Add some extra effects such as some drool to make it more viscous and sticky! It is the most fun part and will make your image have personality to see that realism.

You can also change the color with the "Hue / Saturation / Brightness" tool so that it becomes an extraterrestrial green tentacle.

Thank you very much for watching this tutorial until the end and above all I hope it helps! If so, do not hesitate to let me know here or on my social networks!


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