How to draw hair




Here is a tutorial on how to draw various hairs!

Foundation preparation

First, prepare the head of the character roughly.

(Drawing the head makes it easier to position the hair and prevents the shape of the hair from becoming strange.)

Hair flows down from the red parietal part.

Of course, if you ride a garma differently, the hair is lowered from somewhere other than the parietal.

Straight hair

The order of drawing hair. It's a shape that falls smoothly from top to bottom, repeating the zigzag drawing.

This is how it was drawn using the method above. It's a straight hair, so it feels slightly floating on the head and you can curl it inwards.


In my case, I draw the parietal part, but you can skip it according to your preference.

This is how the hair is added without rolling the hair.


Fine hair is neatly expressed in lines, and it is good to use hair color when coloring.


(! If you draw too much hair, it may look like you are sleeping and waking up!

5: 5 Garma and Wave Shortcuts

The order of drawing hair. It has a large bend, and it is variously painted inwardly or outwardly.

This is how it was drawn using the method above. Wave hair draws more on the head than straight hair.

Draw naturally based on the tutorial above.


(! 5: 5 bangs can be applied to other hair styles!)

Pinned bangs and short hair

The order of drawing the pinned head. The hair is tied to the pins and then gently lowered again.

This is how it was drawn using the method above. The left side is when the hair is straight and the right side is the wave.

It looks like a pin with a single wave. On one side, I tried to draw the hair loosely on my ears.


(! Can be applied to hair!)


The order of drawing the ponytails. It's a good idea to draw fine hairs that are not tied to the neck.


(! Loose hair is better to draw more hair!)

This is how it was drawn using the method above. It is a hair with a wave and there are fine hairs not tied to the neck.


In addition to plainly tied hair, there are many different styles that can be produced.

Of the two below, I thought I had difficulty.

Draw a staggered shape on the narrowing bar and draw hair and hair on the bar.


Depending on the length and looseness, multiple productions are possible.


(! I personally like to put flowers between my braided hair!)

The drill head can be drawn easily if you think and draw a curled paper.


As it is curled in a circle like the picture above, please be careful when drawing.


The brush used in the tutorial above. It was fun because of the good brush!

Author's words

I enjoyed taking the time to redraw the hair style that I didn't usually draw a lot, and I think I reviewed a lot.


If you have a chance next time, I'll be back with a new tutorial!



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