Street using perspective


STEP 1 Sketch

Open the Layer - Ruler frame - Create a perspective ruler.
I use reference. I make lines and create a sketch.

I'm going to paint a night street. I create the first layer, it will serve as the background. For the fill, I chose dark purple # 1e2029. Lines are clearly visible on it and it is convenient when pouring separately, since it contrasts strongly.
OVER the background layer, I create the Sketch layer. I do not try to make straight lines. In the process, I’ll make all the changes and edits when I fill the fragments with color.

STEP 2. Background

Between the background and the sketch - create a layer for the fill.
For filling I use an oil paint brush. And with broad strokes, I outline the future color schemes of the fragments. Further in the work, I will focus on the colors I selected earlier and use their shades for detail.

STEP 3. Bright accents

Create a layer OVER the background. In this layer, bright yellow, I paint over the brightest accents in future windows. We create the future effect of the included light.

STEP 4 Fill with color

To easily edit the work, I recommend that for each major element, create a new layer. For example, I fill the road and the fence on two separate layers.

I did all the work with oil paint, but in order to create a different texture for the road, I chose the color change brush, it is similar to oil paint but makes interesting decisions because it mixes colors and lubricates the borders between them well.

STEP 5 Detailing

All the time we worked with the included sketch layer. Now I turn it off and continue working with the details. So all the unfinished areas will be visible.

I want snow lying on my street. I choose the Mechanical Pencil brush light pink color Brush Density - 61. And with loose strokes I will outline the future snow.

I will add a festive mood and decorate the facades of houses with bulbs. Complementing the house with additional light sources

Between the houses, I will also draw lights using the Decoration (B) brushes and changing the Brush Density settings.

When I am completely satisfied with the result, it remains to add snow and the atmosphere of a cozy snowy street is ready. For snow, I use an Air Brush of different thicknesses to create the effect of snowflakes near and far from the eyes.

Thank you for watching until the end. I hope you enjoyed it!



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