Complete one illustration in about 2.5 hours


Here are some tips for completing one illustration in a short time.
It took about 2.5 hours for this illustration.
It's not particularly fast, but it usually takes 4,5 hours when I draw
I hope you can think of it as a little trick to get a little faster.

1. Sketch (about 3 minutes)

First, draw a rough sketch.
I usually draw a small rough and then enlarge it, but this time I drew a large one from the beginning.
The trick to make this faster
・ Draw what you are used to
・ Use the image that came up first
Is it around?
If you are unfamiliar with drawing, check each time you draw, and it is easy to get lost lines, so time loss occurs in such parts.
When I have time, I draw many roughs and think about which composition is better
In the case of speed painting, take the plunge and come up with the first composition
Let's decide quickly!
I think this can save a lot of time.

2. Line drawing (about 1.5 hours)

Line drawings are drawn separately for each part.
When naming layers, it is convenient to use auto actions.
Eliminating a small amount of work will reduce the overall work time.

When drawing a line drawing, you may find it difficult to draw while being aware of pen pressure.
In such a case, it is better to draw without paying attention to the strength of the line, and then erase the tip later with an eraser to make it thinner. It is difficult to do two things at the same time, `` draw a line at the place you want to draw '' and `` adjust the pressure and draw with the strength of the line '', but I think that it will be easier if you do it one by one You.

3. Painting (about 1 hour)

I will undercoat.
First select the background around the person.
After selecting all, reverse the selection → fill with undercoat.
I paint on that layer with clipping.

Paint while using three of "Clip at layer below", "Lock opacity of layer", and "Select from layer".

Draw the background.
Download your favorite brush and use it to save time.

Combine the copy of the display layer → Gaussian blur → Increase saturation and decrease brightness with color correction → Change layer mode to screen. I think it was a bit brighter.

Combine the copy of the display layer and blur with Gaussian blur.
Use a layer mask to erase from the face to around the chest.
I think that the eyes were concentrated on the person's face because the surroundings were blurred.

Scatter petals.
After drawing the petals with the cherry blossom petal brush, blur it with Gaussian blur.
If you draw the petals small toward the upper left, you will feel a sense of reality.
I think that the screen became gorgeous by scattering the petals.

Create a new tonal correction layer.
I adjusted the tone curve blue a little.
I think that the screen became yellow and warm.

Above, I explained only the point part.
The video version explains in more detail, so please watch it if you like.
He is also active on pixiv.
Thank you for reading this far! !


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