Share your process with a timelapse! -Ver.1.10.5-




Supported from Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2.2.0


Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.10.5 has a timelapse function that allows you to record your canvas as a timelapse, and share your creative process online!


To record and export a timelapse, take the following steps.


How to record

(1) Select [File] > [New]


(2) Enable [Record timelapse] in the [New] dialog and create a canvas to start recording.


3. Draw on the canvas.



The [Record timelapse] status is saved to each specific canvas (.clip format file).

If you save your work, open it again in Clip Studio Paint, and continue drawing, the timelapse will continue as well.

  • If you uncheck [Record timelapse], all timelapse recordings saved on the canvas will be deleted.


Exporting and sharing a timelapse

(1) When the work is completed, select [File] menu > [Timelapse] > [Export timelapse].


(2) Select the [Length], [Size], [Aspect ratio] of your video and click [OK] in the [Export timelapse] dialog.


Depending on the social media platform you want to post your video, a specific aspect ratio may be necessary. If so, choose the necessary ratio from [Aspect ratio].


Length: Select from 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, all

Size: Select from 1280px, 1080px, 720px

Aspect ratio: Select from 16: 9, 4: 3, 1: 1, 4: 5, 9:16, original

Show Clip Studio Paint logo: Show or hide the Clip Studio Paint logo in the upper right corner of the timelapse.



・ Twitter: You can post videos up to 140 seconds. You can upload videos with an aspect ratio in the range of 1:2.39 to 2.39: 1, but if it exceeds this range, select any [Aspect ratio]. 1:1 is the maximum ratio displayed on the timeline.

・ Instagram: Select 1:1 when posting to the timeline (9:16 when posting a vertical video to stories).

・ TikTok: You can post videos up to 60 seconds. If the video is 60 seconds or more, select 30 seconds in [Length] and save. Select 9:16 for the aspect ratio.

・ Youtube: Select 16:9 to fit in the standard video player.


3. Click [OK] to select where to save the exported video file.


In the smartphone and tablet version, you can select either [Save] or [Share] when exporting.

You can add further effects and edits by saving the video to your device (camera roll) first.


If you select [Share], you can share the exported video directly to social media.


Add a watermark to your timelapse when exporting (Ver. 2.2 and later)

By checking Add a watermark at the bottom of the Export dialog, you can add a watermark to your exported image.


Choose the watermark to be added in the Watermark settings dialog. You can load any image from File and use the handles on the preview screen to specify the placement, size, and angle, as well as change the watermark opacity and blending mode.

Watermark settings are saved in the app, so you can apply the same settings when exporting other projects.


Recording timelapses of existing artwork

If you want to record a timelapse of an existing or in-progress file, you can start recording by checking [File] menu > [Timelapse] > [Record timelapse].


You can also enable it from the [Edit] menu > [Canvas Properties] or [Story] menu (EX) > [Change basic page settings], [Change basic work settings].


About file size

The timeplase will be saved to the canvas (a .clip file) and will increase the file size as time goes on.

If you do not need the timelapse after exporting the video, you can delete the recording and reduce the file size by following the steps below.


(1) Uncheck [File] menu > [Record timelapse].


(2) The following message will be displayed. Select [Delete and turn off].


  • File size reference (based on example file)
  • Image resolution: 1000 x 1000px (72 dpi)
  • Approximate drawing time: 3.5 hours
  • Number of layers: 25
  • Final size: 127.87MB
  • Size after deleting the time-lapse record: 9.47MB
  • Size of exported video

 15 seconds: 3.42MB

 30 seconds: 4.57MB

 60 seconds: 6.93MB

 All: 12.95MB (2 minutes 11 seconds)

From Ver. 2.1 on, the file size when using Record timelapse in a .clip file has been reduced compared to the previous versions. Depending on the data, you can reduce file size by up to 80%.

Files with Record timelapse enabled in Ver. 2.1 or later cannot be exported as timelapses from earlier versions.



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