Teamwork [EX] -Ver.1.10.10-




Supported from Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.10.10

Note: This function is not available in Ver.1.10.9 and earlier.


What you can do with Teamwork

With Teamwork, multiple users can edit different pages on a single multi-page work file uploaded to the cloud.

You can work as a team, dividing up the work of drawing lineart, backgrounds, tones... or create a comic where different people create a page each.


Since multiple users cannot edit the same page at the same time, nobody will accidentally step on their teammates’ toes.


Unlike the existing Collaboration function, the Teamwork function works via the internet on all devices including tablets and smartphones.


Note: For the basic instructions on how to use the Cloud Service, please refer to the following article.



Working as a Team

To use Teamwork, both the Team Leader and Team Members must be logged into their Clip Studio accounts.

1) The Team Leader creates a team and invites other users to be Team Members.


2) Turn “Teamwork” on for the file which you’ve uploaded to the cloud, and assign the team you would like to work on it with.


3) The other Team Members will receive a notification in Clip Studio and will be able to download any works that have been set for Teamwork from the cloud.


4) After you finish editing the downloaded work, by saving and closing the canvas, the work will be automatically synchronized to the cloud.


1a - [Team Leader] Creating a team

You can create teams and invite members from [Manage Teams] in your Clip Studio account.


1) Click [Create team]


2) Set the Team Name to create the team.


3) Click [Invite to team] to invite all the users you would like to invite as Team Members.


There are two ways to invite people. Either (a) by sending them an invite email through the service, or (b) by issuing an invite URL.

Inviting people by URL is best for when you have a lot of people to invite, or if you do not know their email address.


1b - [Team Members] Joining Teams

When a user who has been invited to join a team access the invite URL, they will see the following screen.

Click [Join team] to join the team.

Note: the user will be required to log into their Clip Studio account.


Hint: Leaving teams

You can leave a team by selecting the team from [Manage Teams] in your Clip Studio account.

When you leave a team, you will no longer be able to access any files that have been shared within the team.


2a - [Team Leaders and Members] Sharing works with teams

Teamwork works can be shared by both Team Leaders and Team Members.


1) In Clip Studio, go to [Manage works] > [This device] (or [In this app] for Tablet/Smartphone users) and upload the work files you would like to enable for Teamwork to the cloud by clicking [Syncing On].


2) Go to [Manage works] > [Cloud] and enable [Teamwork] on the work file.


3) In Clip Studio, select the team and click [Set].


[Teamwork] setup is now complete. The icon will turn blue when a work is set as Teamwork.

Only users who have uploaded their work to the cloud can set up and deactivate Teamwork.


Click on the [Teamwork] icon in the top-right corner to switch to the [View my Teamwork work], which shows only works that are set for Teamwork.


Note: On smartphones, you can toggle the [Teamwork] icon at the top of [Manage works] > [Cloud].


2b - [Team Leaders and Members] Downloading shared works

Once a work is set for Teamwork, other Team Members will be able to download it from the cloud.



Work files uploaded for Teamwork will only take up space in the owner’s cloud. Team Members’ cloud storage space will not be affected by works uploaded by other users.




1. Download via Notification


When other Team Members log into Clip Studio they will receive a notification.


1) Select [Notifications] from the [Notifications] button in the top-right to display [Notifications] in Clip Studio Profile.


2) Works will start to download when you click [Download Teamwork file].




2. Selecting works to download from the cloud


1) Go to [Manage works] > [Cloud]


2) Click on the [Teamwork] icon in the top-right corner to switch to the [View my Teamwork work], which shows only works that are set for Teamwork.


Note: On smartphones, you can toggle the [Teamwork] icon at the top of [Manage works] > [Cloud].


3) Works will download when you click [New Download].


Downloaded work files will be shown in [This device] under [Manage works] > [Teamwork], and can be edited in Clip Studio Paint.


[Team Leaders and Members] Editing Teamwork Files

1) When opening a work that has been set as Teamwork in Clip Studio Paint, you will see the pages displayed in the Story Window.



You can edit works set as Teamwork when you are online and logged into your Clip Account.

When offline, you will only be able to open the pages in browsing mode.


Team Members’ Clip Account icons will appear on pages as they open them. If another user has a page open, you will only be able to open that page in browsing mode.


2) Open the page you would like to work on and edit it.


3) By saving and closing the page you have worked on, the page will be synchronized to the cloud so that other users can edit it.


If you clicked on [Send later] before closing the page, your changes will not be synched to the cloud. Your Team Members will be able to open the page in browsing mode, but will not be able to edit it.


4) When other Team Members’ updates are not synchronized, or when the upload of your own edits have been interrupted, by clicking the [Sync all pages now] button in the Story Window, you can force a synchronize with the cloud to ensure that all pages are updated.


Each time a page is synchronized with the cloud, it will be recorded as an update in the file’s [Teamwork] settings screen on Clip Studio.


Each time a work file is synchronized it is stored separately in the cloud and can be downloaded by the owner via [Download previous version].


 [Story] function for works set as Teamwork

The following restrictions apply to actions on multi-page work files set as Teamwork.


■ Switching, adding, importing, duplicating, and deleting pages

During the execution of commands that make changes to the Page management File (.cmc), the Page management File (.cmc) will be locked. However, the page file (.clip) will be editable.


■ Replacing, deleting, combining and splitting pages

While commands are being executed, the Page management File (.cmc) and page file in question will be locked.


■ Changing the project settings and opening the story editor

While commands are being executed, the Page management File (.cmc) and all page files will be locked.


[Team Leader] What Team Leaders can do

The Team Leader who created the team, can do the following:


・Invite Team Members

・Change Permissions

Team Leaders can make Team Members into Team Leaders.


・Remove members from team

Team Leaders can remove selected Team Members from the team. Users who have been removed from a team will no longer be able to open the work files in Clip Studio Paint.


・Leave teams

Team Leaders can leave teams, but only if there are other Team Leaders left in the team.



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