My Favorite Brush ASSETS!



Hey Illustrators!

Today I'm gonna be showing you 4 different ASSETS that I use for my illustration and painting processes.

I have made some small illustrated examples to go with each and will provide a short timelapse as well.

I hope that you check out these brushes if they peak your interest!

Intoxicate Pencil Set (よわ太鉛筆セット)

This is my absolute go to for anything related to sketching.

It captures the realism of pencil so well that I have actually fooled people before thinking they were done with physical media!

The best tip I have for using these brushes is to treat them like a pencil, pretty plain and simple. If you want to make more of a wash, you put no pressure. If you want it to be dark and thin, you put down full pressure.

Balancing between the pressures will give you a result that looks and feels natural.

Hoarse oil ■ Remake (かすれ油彩■リメイク)

A part of my painting arsenal, this brush is really good for a nice simple blending of colors.

It doesn't take much pressure to get them to mix, and you can make some nice harder edges with a few passes. The stroke is much like the Gouache Brush where it is rectangular.

It may take some playing around with the settings to get exactly right to your liking, but it definitely is a good tool to have.

A brush set that draws clouds (雲を描くブラシセット)

Quite simply it's a brush that works well for making skies.

It works a lot like a watercolor brush, where you can put a lot of pressure, but adding more to the canvas makes it blend together smoothly.

I would suggest to use this in conjunction with Gradient Maps or have a real reference to a sky to make the most effective clouds and skies.

Tights Brush (タイツブラシ)

The Tights Brushes are really great because of the curved nature of the brush. Automatically it will make it curved on the sides, making a cylinder shape.

It features a lot of patterns and is really good for things like slim-fitting clothing, stockings, and other clothing-related things. It likely could work well on loose cloth as well, but I have yet to do it with my work personally.

The best results come when you use the Selection Warp, as you can stretch and move it gradually to make it form around objects.


I hope that these small examples got you interested in the brushes!

I really enjoy the brushes from the ASSETS store, and the creations people come up with are amazing. I do have to say though, the base brushes that come with CLIP STUDIO PAINT are still very much great as well if you learn how to use them right.

My recommendations for the CSP Base Brushes are Gouache and Smooth Watercolor, and if you want them to not pull paint around as much I would just lower the color mixing.

Now get out there and start drawin'!


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