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This entry will discuss a topic that is probably more important than any other, in regards to CLIP STUDIO PAINT: How does one install and register the program?

In this post, I’ll be covering how to do this on iOS devices!

Downloading & Installing CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Before installing, it’s important to make sure that the device can actually run the program. Fortunately, CELSYS has provided that information.

According to their website, these are the minimum system requirements needed to run CLIP STUDIO PAINT:

- All iPad Pro Models
- iPad (5th generation and up)
- iPad Air (2nd generation and up)
- iPhone 6s and up
- iPod Touch (7th Generation)
- iOS 13.1 and up
- Minimum 6 GB of storage space
- Internet Access (to verify software registration)

NOTE: depending on the iOS device, it may not be possible to create canvases beyond a certain size. In addition, some larger-format canvases may run slower depending on the amount of available RAM.

NOTE: It is recommended to use a pressure sensitive pen with the program. It is possible to use CLIP STUDIO PAINT without one, but lines drawn will not have any variable line width, pressure, etc.

To download and install CLIP STUDIO PAINT, first open the App Store. Once open, tap on the search button, and enter “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” in the search bar. The program should be the first thing that appears in the search results.

(iOS App Store - iPhone)

Creating a New CLIP STUDIO Account

(iOS App Store - iPad)

To install the program, tap on the *Get* button.

Once downloaded, tap on the CLIP STUDIO icon on the home screen to open the program.

Whether purchasing or subscribing a license to CLIP STUDIO PAINT, a CLIP STUDIO account will be required. Fortunately, it’s possible to create an account right in the program.

When CLIP STUDIO PAINT is opened for the first time, a *Getting Started With CLIP STUDIO PAINT* window will appear. From here, users can choose to either try a demonstration version of the program, or they can begin the process to either purchase a license, or begin a subscription.

To begin the Account creation process, click or tap the *Sign up to get your first 3 months free* button.

The next window that appears is the account login page. Since there is no account to log in with yet, click on the *Sign up for free* button.

To begin the Account creation process, click or tap the *Sign up to get your first 3 months free* button.

The next window that appears is the account login page. Since there is no account to log in with yet, click on the *Sign up for free* button.

This will open a new browser window.

Enter the email address that will be associated with the account, and press continue. An email will be sent to the address with a confirmation link.

Clicking on the link in the email will bring up the *Register Profile* page. From here, enter in all of the additional information needed to finish setting up the account.

Using the CLIP STUDIO PAINT Demonstration

CLIP STUDIO PAINT provides all users the option to try the program out before committing to a purchase, or even creating a CLIP STUDIO account. How that demonstration works will depend on the device that is being used.

### Limited Demonstration ###
It is possible to try out CLIP STUDIO PAINT in full without the need to purchase program, or even register an account.

To do this, click on either the EX (to try CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX) or PRO (to try CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO) buttons on the *Getting Started with CLIP STUDIO PAINT* window.

It is important to note however, that several key features will be disabled:

* Save and Save As, and Save Duplicate
* Export
* Batch Import
* Scan, Continuous Scan, and Select Scan Device
* Print, and Print Settings
* Cut, Copy, and Paste
* Registering Materials
* All Story File functions, including: Add Page, Add Page (Detail), Import, Duplicate, Delete, Combine, Split, Page Settings, Work Settings, and Batch Process
* File Object functions
* User-created filter plugins
* Animation files cannot be exported.

In short: this version is intended to give the user a chance to play around with the program as much as they want, knowing that anything created won’t be saved or exported.

### One Hour Demonstration ###

Unlike the Limited Demonstration, those who use CLIP STUDIO PAINT for iPhone can use the program for free with all of its features and functions available.

However, there will be a *one hour* daily time limit applied to the program. This hour is cumulative, meaning that the app can be used at any point over the course of the day, until one hour of usage has been reached. The demo will then be locked until the next day.

To use this option, tap the *Launch* button on the *Getting Started with CLIP STUDIO PAINT* window.

### Multi-Month Demonstration ###
The second option is to try out the program in full (without any limitations) for three months. It will require setting up a subscription, though no payment will be made until the the trial period ends.

To begin the demo, click on the “Sign up to get your first 3 months free” button.

This will bring up the “Log In to your CLIP STUDIO Account” window.

If a CLIP STUDIO account has been created, enter the account’s email & password, and click or tap LOG IN. If the account has not been created, click or tap the *Sign Up For Free* button, and go through the steps outlined in **Creating a New CLIP STUDIO Account**.

After logging into the CLIP STUDIO account, a window will appear, detailing the various subscription options available.

Select the subscription option (monthly or yearly) for the version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT that will be used, and tap its respective *Purchase* button. Note that the subscription will not begin until the demonstration period ends.



Changing a CLIP STUDIO PAINT Subscription

The subscription for iOS devices set when starting the trial period. It is possible, however, to adjust the subscription at any time during or after the trial period ends.

To do this, tap the CLIP STUDIO PAINT icon on the Main menu (for iPhone, tap the App Menu button, then tap App Settings) and select *Purchase app/Change grade or payment plan*.

A window will appear, similar to what was shown when first setting up the subscription. As before, tap on the *Purchase* button for the desired subscription.

Moving a CLIP STUDIO PAINT Subscription

Depending on the plan that was chosen, a purchased subscription can be used from one to four devices. To use a license on a device that exceeds the number available for the subscription, one of the registered licences will need to be transferred over. To do this, select from the Main Menu of the new device:

* iPad: CLIP STUDIO button -> Review/Change License
* iPhone: App Menu button -> App Settings -> Review/Change License

A Window will appear showing all of the currently active subscriptions. Select the license to transfer, and click or tap *Deactivate and launch on this device*.

A confirmation should then appear. The new device can now use CLIP STUDIO PAINT, while the old device can not. To switch back, simply repeat the process on the other device!

Cancelling a CLIP STUDIO PAINT Subscription

If a user wants to end the trial period before a subscription begins, it will be important to cancel the subscription. Once cancelled, the subscription will remain active (and the program can still be used) until the end of the current billing cycle.

To do this:

* Open the iTunes Store App, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Then, tap on the Apple ID button.
* Tap on the *View Apple ID* link, and enter the Apple ID password when prompted.
* When the account settings pop-up appears, scroll towards the bottom of the page, and tap on *Subscriptions*.
* Then, find *CLIP STUDIO PAINT* from the list of subscriptions, and tap on the link.
* Finally, tap on *Cancel Subscription*, and confirm when prompted.


And with that, we have covered all we need to know about installing and registering (or subscribing to) CLIP STUDIO PAINT on iOS devices. Now all that is left to do is begin drawing!

Thanks for reading, and happy creating!


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