How to draw Dark Creatures: Cat Edition!




Do you like drawing Dark Fantasy creatures? Do you also like drawing cats? Well if you like them both then this is your lucky day fellow artists, because I will be teaching you how to draw 3 Dark Creatures in cat forms:

[1] Dark Creature Features

First I'll be teaching you how to draw the distinct features of each Dark Creature. Afterwards, I will guide you on incorporating them into cats. Let's start with the Ghoul:

What are Ghouls?
Ghouls are legendary evil beings that rob graves and feed on corpses.

They have really skinny bodies with gray skin tone, dry open flesh wounds, and glowing green eyes.

What are Ghosts?
A ghost is the spirit of a person or a creature who has died.

Ghosts are typically transparent and hollow; their most distinct feature being they can float. And, like ghouls, They also have a faint glow.

What are Demons?
Demons are generally described as evil, powerful, supernatural beings. They are also depicted as a spiritual force that may be conjured and insecurely controlled.

They have red bodies, pointy arrow-like tails, horns, glowing orange eyes, and are sometimes on fire.

[2] Merging Features:

Now that you know what these dark creatures look like, It's time to incorporate those features onto cats. Let's begin with the Ghoul:

Step 1: Sketching the cat's pose. Since it's a ghoul, let's make the pose aggressive.

Step 2: Clean up and start adding details to the sketch. Now let’s add a clean sketch layer of the Ghoul features on top of the cat sketch layer.

Step 3: Adding Clean Outlines.

[BRUSH ASSET] I mostly use the pen tool - G-pen for my outlines.

Artist Tip: If you're having trouble with drawing cleaner lines, Clip Studio Paint allows you to adjust the brush/pen tool's stabilization setting to whatever comforts you.

Step 4: Adding Flat Colors.

Artist Tip: Make sure you use references and color swatches for your art so that you maintain color balance.

Step 5: Adding Shadow.

Artist Tip: To add shadow to your flat color, identify where the light is coming from. I like to make a new layer above the flat color, lower its opacity to 30% and fill the layer black.

Step 6: Adding Highlights.

To add highlight, just do the same technique on how we added shadow but this time, fill it with white. Then we color from where the light is hitting on your Cat.

Step 7: Adding the "Glow"

Artist Tip: Make your art glow by creating a new layer above the outline layer. Then with Clip Studio Paint’s “Blending Mode” feature above the layer section, switch form “Normal” to “Add (Glow)”.

[3] Giveaways

Unfortunately, I will only be teaching the detailed tutorial for the Ghoul Cat but as a take-home gift for you, I’m leaving behind the step-by-step process for the Ghost Cat and Demon Cat for you to learn as well.

Ghost Cat:

Demon Cat:

[BRUSH ASSET]: You could also use these hair/fur brushes that I also use for more detail:

I hope this tutorial helped you learn about these legendary creatures of the dark, as well as turning them into cats. If you happen to have an Instagram account, tag me = @theartof.rc with your art from this tutorial along with a hashtag #DarkCreatureCatbyRC I would love to see your amazing works!

Thank you and have fun drawing!
- Reg Canlas



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