Use 3D Drawing Poses Use 3D function to draw various poses!




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Do you not know what you are drawing when you draw a pose? 😂

3D function in Clip Studio Paint

Can help us understand the structure of the human body more easily

Let us draw poses more conveniently!




This Tips will share

How to adjust the pose of a 3D character in CSP

I will also attach a 3D body made by myself

There are auxiliary lines and special features of some Japanese characters

Make good use of it!



Download material

I hope everyone is happy with it 🍸

Video Tips

This video has CC subtitles

Remember to open it!

There are hidden tricks in the subtitles ⚡ ️


🍸 Movie chapters

00:00 opening

00:19 Drag into the material to use

00:50 Upper button (rotation)

01:01 Upper button [Pan]

01:09 Upper button (Zoom)

01:46 Repair the crooked 3D character

01:59 Use posture materials

02:22 Little purple ball adjustment

03:30 Shadow display

03:46 Adjust limbs

04:28 Save the pose

06:21 Lattice layering

06:40 Back to back (Brightness becomes transparency)




Use 3D characters

After downloading from Clip Studio Assets

You can use it by dragging it in from the material panel

After downloading

Usually in the Download folder



[Rotate] the upper button

Can be rotated to the desired angle

[Pan] upper button

Move the position on the canvas


[Zoom] upper button

Adjust the size of the 3D character


I myself use these three most often

Edit my 3D character

The buttons at the back are less used~

Because the function is similar

Just it and the preset floor (scene)

There is no linkage!


Usually used to adjust 3D scene objects

If you are not careful afterwards... press to 😂

Will become crooked




Fix crooked 3D character

〔Return the model to the initial position〕





If you change your posture later

Want to readjust

You can also use these functions




Use pose material

There are a lot of pose materials available in Clip Studio Assets

Just drag in and apply



👇 Posture materials used in the film


<Not used in the movie, but it appears in the material panel>




Adjustable posture [small purple ball]

Click the 3D character

There will be little purple balls


🍸 🍸

Little Purple Ball Club (links many limbs)

Able to make relatively [large-scale] adjustments

Can quickly make (the curve of the human body)




Drag and move directly



Or click and then pull to move axially




Hip ball

The hip ball can greatly change the body curve


Ball of sight

The sight of the character will follow the ball


Toggle shadow display

Checking will make the model be illuminated

Can see the three-dimensional structure clearly


You can also refer to the shadow to color




Limb adjustment

When adjusting the small purple ball, press the limb again

Can adjust the position



Click 👉 Little Purple Ball (Full Body)

Double click 👉 Limb (select part)

Press blank 👉 to cancel selection




Preservation posture

After adjusting to the desired posture

Can be saved


Villain button

Can store the posture of the whole body



The small arrow next to it

Can call up the menu

Save the posture of the left or right hand







Bitmap layering

[Layering] in the [Layer] menu

Can convert 3D layers into 2D layers


After conversion

You can no longer adjust your posture in 3D

But you can use 2D functions such as brushes, lasso, etc.







Convert to line draft (Brightness becomes transparency)

[Change brightness to transparency] in the [Edit] menu

The white part

Become transparent


Make the adjustment using 2D more free in the future







Draw pose

3D pose sometimes

There will be some strange places

Like 👇

Unnatural deformation when twisting,

Unnatural bumps in the joints

Or change to your own proportions, strengthen perspective... etc.


No need to use 3D adjustment at this time

After converting to 2D

You can freely modify


Use lasso (L), transform (Ctrl+T) and other tools

Paint as you like


Concluding remarks

Take advantage of 3D functions

Can access many different postures,

Change the angle of the same pose to have a different composition~


It's really fun!


Thank you everyone for seeing here~

Hope it can be helpful to you 🥰



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I want to make easy-to-use materials for everyone

But in the process of 3D weighting and importing materials

Encountered some problems

It took me a lot of time and effort to eliminate them 😣


If you encounter any problems in use

Or have other suggestions

You are welcome to respond to me again~


Thanks again everyone 😳




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