Jewelry Tips Let's draw gem jewelry!


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This Tips will share simple drawing methods of gems and accessories
You can draw it with color blocks and simple light and shadow!

Various gems

⟡Common basic shapes

A. Round / B. Water drop / C. Square / D. Diamond / E. Triangle
F. You can think of many more interesting shapes!

⟡Change into a variety of different shapes

⟡There are different processing methods

Because of different cutting processes, there are many different types,

For example, pearls are round and gentle, with a gentle image
For example, diamonds and gems are shining brightly!
Colorful and dazzling existence!

▻There are many different processing methods (ex magic?)
Can make ever-changing beautiful jewelry!

⟡ and different materials and colors

Jade, ruby, sapphire, ((You can refer to the picture above
Amethyst, pearl...
Or use imagination to create magic gems that don’t exist in the world

Commonly matched metals

Use shortcut key Ctrl+U
You can quickly adjust the color

With these
It can be combined into a variety of jewelry!

Let's paint and see!

Combine shapes into accessories~

Fill the background

If you feel monotonous, try changing the color~
Use Ctrl+U

Use layer effects to make a shiny effect~

I use layer blending mode a lot for shadows and highlights

Very commonly used
Overlay (Overlay), real light (Hard Light) two blending modes

When the color brightness
Higher than 50% is a highlight
Less than 50% is deepening

Will increase the contrast of the layer below
✔ Improve contrast

⟡Hard Light
While retaining the original color, reveal the details below
Can better retain the hue, lightness and saturation of the layer color
✔ Almost primary colors

For highlights, add (glow), highlight color (glow), filter color... etc.
Use with Ctrl+U and stacking layers

That's it~

Concluding remarks

I think this Tip
Should be very suitable for Webtoon
Basically only draw a layer of shadow XD

Shiny jewelry can add a lot of momentum to the character!
I hope my Tips will help you




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