Anime/Manga look with CSP 3D Models




Do you like to use Clip Studio Paint 3D Models? I use them a lot however, they are not always suited to an anime or manga look. They often come out looking like a western type face (see below). If you're looking for more of an anime inspired face, I think I have the solution for you!

I have created an anime head study which you can download in CSP assets (Yes, I'm shilling my own product but just deal ok). I actually use this quite a bit as it helps with placement of eyes, nose, etc... So the first step is to get this head study.

Did you get it? yes it cost a small bit of fake internet currency but I think you can handle it. Ok, step 2. open any CSP 3D model you like. Then pose it, however you like. So far, so easy.


I’m using a model I downloaded from the assets store. It’s free so you can save your internet money for other things.


Step 3, take the model and pose it under the anime head study. Find a head that fits the CSP 3D model. Then use that head as a base for your anime character. I also like to change the color of the model to blue. This simulates a blue pencil sketch.

Step 4. I made this a bedroom scene so I added a bed (also free) behind the girl. Now you have a fully fledged anime/manga scene in about 3 minutes. All you have to do is add the details!

Here's a rough sketch over the model. Hope this was a BIG HELP!



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