Awesome lip, mouth and teeth drawing with clip studio paint.


Hello there!
We will see together how we can draw a wonderful mouth, teeth and lips on the portrait with Clip studio paint.
I hope you like my tutorial.

I draw with the mapping pen pen in Clip studio paint application. I really like drawing with this pen.

Here, this filler pen is really good. It saves me a lot of convenience and time. You just choose the color you want to fill and transfer the paint to the area you want to fill, that's it. It's that easy.

After I finish the filling process, I paint the parts of my portrait that remain in the light and shadow, lips and teeth. I use my blur brush to mix the colors. I get a really good image.

I prefer to use the airbrush soft brush when toning lips and teeth.

When painting lips and teeth, I first fill them with a dark color. After I finish this process, I use lighter colors to highlight the lips and finally I use the lightest shades to give a light effect to the lips and teeth.

I generally prefer to use the airbush spray brush when doing the freckles on my portrait.

The brush I use in hair drawing is my silk hair brush that I downloaded and loved to use in clip studio paint assets. You can find hundreds of materials that will help you in clip studio paint assets.

I used the ruled line dotted line brush to do the dots I use on the lower part of the eyes. This brush is really perfect if you want to get perfect circles.

I hope you enjoyed this training video I prepared for you.
Thank you for reading.



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