How To Draw Anime Hair [ 6 Styles ]




I will show you 6 different styles to render anime hair
For this demonstration, we're using the same hairstyle idea, 5 default brushes, and just 5 colors
I wanted to keep it simple, so we can focus more on how to mix them, and also better see the differences
In the end, it's better to find your favorite way of working, but I'm hoping this tutorial will help you discover that simple techniques can be applied in so many ways

Hairstyle number 1
This is a soft hairstyle, the only one were using a pencil lookalike brush

Hairstyle number 2
Were going for a pointy look and matching it with rounder blury highlights

Hairstyle number 3
This is very time-consuming, but the result is very detailed. just make sure to use an airbrush

Hairstyle number 4
This challenge is, drawing without the lineart. Just make sure to work on shapes

Hairstyle number 5
This is a style that focuses more on the highlight, the rest of the details might fade. It is a very fun and quick way to color hair

Hairstyle number 6
Or the smudge tool is how I like to call it, you can find it under the name of finger tip in the blending options. Beware, it might make you dizzy

That's it, I hope you learned something interesting and don't forget to have fun

Thank you for reading!



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