Simple "chromatic aberration (color shift)" processing




You can do it with Crista, "Ale" which is often seen in movies or illustrations

"Chromatic aberration (color misregistration)" that can be used in conjunction with blur to give depth, how do you do it with some color but how can I do it! What? I think that there are more or less people who seem to think. So I will explain how to easily process with crystalla.

Prepare illustration

First prepare the illustration you want to process. Since the background is blurred, this is still a bit deeper but I will add effects like those taken with a camera lens.

DL auto action

Even though I prepared an illustration, I could do it first

Please redLuice DL the auto action of "RGB channel operation" which is released.

It is very useful when processing chromatic aberration so that there is already "chromatic aberration" in the example of the explanation of auto action already.

When DL the auto action, execute "disassemble into RGB channel" in auto action. Layers will look like this when done.

(Because it is easy to mistake the creation and disassembly of the channel, it is recommended because you do not get lost in the future if you place a check mark on the disassembly.)

Apply "blurring" to each layer

When decomposition of the layer is possible, we apply radiance blurring which gradually shifts the numerical value and the center point to Red, Green, Blue and each certain layer little by little. (The radial blurring can be applied with the third filter from the right of the Crysta upper menu → Blur → Radial Blur)

First I selected a layer of Red and applied radial blur. The center point of the radiation is like that if it is placed in a place called "here is in focus" in the photograph. I feel like I have already seen it.

It is recommended to lower the numerical value to the limit as the color deviates as going outward from the radial center. Let's add a check to the preview and try to tamper with it.


Next, I applied radial blur to the layer of Blue. I tried to shift the center point of the radial blur slightly (it is the premise that the face is in focus) and changed the blurring direction and blurring method. The color drift is occurring with a good feeling!



Rather than radiating blurring on all layers individually, if you only set the layers of Red and Blue, it's not too much of it, but I like it, but I think that it's interesting to try radiating blurring on the Green layer as you like . When laying out the radial blur in every layer, please check the preview and see the appearance and try to twinkle the center point and numerical value.

※ I tried radial blurring on the layer of Green. Because all the colors are out of position, it gains momentum rather than blurring outward. I think that it is ants to dare to aim and give an effect ◎

Red, Green, Blue Let's combine it with the black layer as it is difficult to work if it is uneven if it is done radiating blur of each layer. It is easy to hide the original illustration layer and "join display layers".

Finally (adjustment)

While comparing the combined processed layer with the original illustration, we will adjust and adjust the place that feels like "This effect is getting too little ~".

(In this image the impression is that the background is nice but the color of the hands and lower abdomen is too shifted)


Because I am troublesome I erase the processed layer with eraser with a eraser, but I want you to erase it with a mask if you want to redo or fine tune

carry out!

done! Compared to the original illustration, there is only a slight difference, but there is no difference between the impressions. This time I tried to refresh, but since it is boldly taking out the goodness of the digital illustration to the front and machining variously, everyone please try it by all means ◎



Do it with other software

We will publish the making of chromatic aberration (color shift) done with SAI in the past at Pixiv, so please refer also here. Even in Crysta, this one may be helpful for those who "do not know auto action or somewhat"



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