How to make a handy afterimage


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Today is a handy afterimage lecture using "moving blur".

▼ To prepare

· Things you want to make afterimages · Person's raster layer
Even line drawings are OK!
However, please keep the outside of the line drawing in transparent color.

▼ completion time schedule

Approximately 5 minutes to 10 minutes

▼ Creation procedure

1. Display the canvas containing the raster layer of "to prepare"
2. Duplicate the layer of "1"
3. Select the duplicated layer and choose Filter menu → Blur → Select Moving Blur
4. On the opened "Moving Blur" screen,
· When you want to create an afterimage on the left side, set the blurring position to "backward"
· When you want to create an afterimage on the right side, select the position to blur "forward"
(I chose "backward" for completed figure)
In case
* The reason not to use "front and back" of the blurring position is explained by additional points!

5. Set the blurring range to a value that allows you to see the shape of the person / person who wants to create an afterimage and press OK.

6. Duplicate the layer of "1" again
7. Select "Move Layer" tool
8. Move the raster layer of "1" according to the shape of the person / person created on the layer applying "moving blur"

9. After completing the move, lower the opacity of "1" layer to "30"
(If you are too clearly visible, you may lower the opacity of more layers)

that's all!
※ If the illustration duplicated at "6" is hard to see by the effect of "moving blur"
Please erase the line of the layer applying "moving blur" with "soft" of the eraser tool!

▼ Additional points

If you adjust the "blurring direction" on the "moving blurring" screen,
Expressions such as jumping, landing, etc. are also possible!

Also, if you say "blurring position" as "front and back", you can express it as if you are a ninja.
If you use it normally, you can use it to shake the earthquake or to shake when a shock comes from overhead!


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