How to make a cyber background


Do you usually use filters?
You can do something that you can not think of using filters, or you can be pretty!
Let's be lucky and let's spend some time to spend some time!

So, this time I will give a lecture on "cyber background" which can be filled in when the background is lonesome.

▼ To prepare


Scheduled completion time

Approximately 5 minutes to 10 minutes

▼ Creation procedure

1. Create a canvas
2. Make the current raster layer selected

* If someone already has a work please open it and make a new raster layer!

3. Choose a cyber color (blue-green, light green, light blue?) And draw it appropriately

4. Choose Filter menu → Transform → Waveform
5. On the opened "Waveform" screen, change "wave shape" from "sine wave" to "short wave"
6. Move the "Number of Waves" slider and press OK with the number of grains you like

7. Duplicate the layer to which the filter "waveform" is applied
8. Select the duplicated layer and choose a filter menu other than "Smoothing" in "Blur"
(This time we will explain it with "radial blur")
9. On the opened "Radio Blur" screen, move the center of the radiation with red "x"
Increase the "blurring range" and adjust the blur width
10. Press OK if there is no problem

11. Let's say "synthesize mode" of layer subjected to "radial blurring" as "screen"
* The result changes in another synthesis mode and it is interesting!

that's all!
※ If people or objects are hidden, use "eraser" of eraser tool
Please erase the layer of the layer duplicated in "2" layer of "Creating Procedure" and "8" of "Creating Procedure"!

Additional points

· Create a raster layer under the "2" layer of "Creating Procedure"
If you apply the "blue sky" of the gradation tool in the tilting direction,
It makes me feel more cyber-chic. (The first "finished drawing" is that)

· Select the layer of "2" of "Creating Procedure" or the layer duplicated by "8" of "Creating Procedure"
Choose your favorite drawing color and choose Edit menu → Change line color to drawing color
Depending on the color scheme it is not a cyber chic but it also makes you feel divine
If you do not like the color, it is good to change dongdon!
In case


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