Designing a cozy room ,step by step





Drawing perspective can be considered difficult but with this tutorial and with the help of CLIP STUDIO PAINT it will be very easy, with which you will be able to do amazing works with little knowledge of perspective


We'll draw a floor plan of the room, we'll create the horizon line and the two vanishing points (if you don't understand much about perspective it's no problem because Clip Studio gives us a tool that will make this very easy, you'll see), then we'll draw using the perspective tool to then outline and paint


To start drawing we will first have to imagine what shape our room will have and what furniture we will put on it, the difference in size between these and what height they will have, after having a clear idea of what we want to draw, we will create a plan, that is, a scheme From the top view of the room, made simple rectangles, without details, this is just to know where all the furniture will be distributed in our room.


First I am going to explain to you in a very simple way what perspective is, perspective is a tool that is used in drawing to be able to represent 3-dimensional objects (height, width and depth) on a sheet of paper that only has 2 dimensions as height And width.

This small scheme shows us how a cube looks if we use 1, 2 or 3 vanishing points, in our drawing we will use 2 vanishing points because we want to see the object from the side and not just from the front, which in that case we would only use one vanishing point. Remember also that the horizon line represents the height of the eyes from where we see the object if we put it up we would be looking at the object from the top of a house and if we put it very low we would be seeing everything as if we were lying on the floor


by right clicking on the layers window we will get a drop-down menu in which we choose create perfective ruler > ruler frame and choose 2 vanishing points

the perspective tool gives us several points to move according to the perspective we want to achieve, we can move the vanishing points or the horizon line having the perspective layer as the active layer and using the "Operation" tool, when activating the perspective points will become editable

Now we will draw the floor and the walls of our room using the Pen tool, for this we create a new layer above the perspective layer, the perspective layer must not be hidden because otherwise the tool will not be active and it will not help us to draw the lines

Taking into account the plan that we made at the beginning, we will draw the rectangles of the plan on the floor, these represented the size and location of each piece of furniture.

Now we will turn those rectangles into cubes, taking into account that within them we will draw the objects of my room, the bed for example must be lower than the desk,

We will now finally draw the objects, you can do it with lines of different colors so as not to confuse you, we will only make the objects that need perspective because the tool will not allow us to make any line that does not go to the vanishing points


We lower the opacity of the layer where we made the drawing and create a new layer on top where we will outline our drawing

we choose the figure tool (keyboard shortcut with the letter U) and in its sub tool panel we choose Straigght line (straight line), in sub tool properties I can configure the thickness of the line

for the curved parts I use the same figure tool but in the sub tool option I chose curve , in the sub tool properties I can choose the thickness of the line

finally after outlining all the drawing our result would be this


Below the line layer we will create another layer that will be where we will put the color, for that we will go to the layer panel and press the right mouse button new layer>raster layer.

with the paint bucket tool I proceed to choose the colors and with the left mouse click I press on the parts that I want to paint with the colors that I have chosen, for this we must take into account that the lines must be closed so that the paint and paint other areas that we do not want

finally we will have our drawing painted,


We will draw objects such as the bed sheet or clothes in the closet, books, so that our room is not so empty, for this we will use the pen tool on a new layer that we will put on top of the previous layers.


then we will create a layer again, but we will put this one just below the line layer that we just made to be able to paint these objects that we just added

and finally so we have the drawing


This type of work is normally carried out in many hours, because we had to be with the rule making each line coincide with the vanishing points, Clip Studio gives us a tool that makes this process almost automatic and even fun, in addition to helping us to finish our drawings in much less time.



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