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Hi! My name is Quill aka Obliviousquill, I'm the creator of Woes of a Male Lead on Webtoon Canvas. I've been making a webtoon for around 3 years now so I think I can share some of my knowledge with you!



If you want a more visual tutorial, please watch my video.

Opening a Webtoon Canvas

Clip studio has this cool feature where you can open up a webtoon canvas with multiple pages.


Go to File -->> New --->> Webtoon


When making a webtoon Canvas, it's most ideal to work on a larger canvas so that Your drawings won't be pixelated. Also, maybe in the suture, it would help immensely if you wanted to print out your webtoon in a traditional comic book to sell.


My ideal canvas size is 1600 x 20,000 px with the resolution of 350 dpi.


The number of pages you make depends on how long your chapters are going to be.

Making a Template from Scratch

You can make a webtoon template to help speed up your comic making process.


On the layer of the webtoon canvas you're on, just rename the layers as you'd like.


I do Storyboard, Text/Balloon, and Sound Effects.


(You can do the text and balloon by going to the text bubble tool and drawing a speech bubble. I delete the speech bubble to make it an empty layer.)


For Sound effect, I hand draw them. I go to Layer Property -->> Border Effect. You can change the edge colour however you like.

To make the Template itself, go to Edit --->> Register Materials ---->> Template. Save it something you can remember in your materials tab.


When you open up a new Webtoon Canvas, make sure to check the template button and search for the template you've just made.

Webtoon Preview Feature

You can preview your canvas as if you were looking at your phone with the webtoon preview feature.


It basically shows a section of the canvas as you scroll down as if you were viewing it on a phone. It is really helpful as you can gauge the flow of the story or if the paneling seems too cramped.

To turn it on go to View--->> On-screen Area (Webtoon)


You can also change the settings on how large you want the viewing area to be by clicking on On- screen area settings.

Make Panels Quickly

Using the default panel took in clip studio, you can make panels very quickly.


Just drag the tool on across your canvas where you want it and it will create a folder with a white background in the frame.

You can also change the shape of your frame by selecting the line of the frame. Control points will show up and you can adjust your frame to suit how you want it.


Additionally, if you don't want to do that, you can use the Polyline Frame Tool and just make the shape you want from the beginning.

Using Vector Layer for Line art

I cannot say this enough, but artists should really make use of the vector layer that Clip Studio provides us.


The reason is that you can do so much with it that the raster layer can't.


If you want to enlarge your line art, you can do it with the vector layer without the edges of the line becoming blurry, thus, losing its quality.


You can select each individual line you make and adjusting the length and shape to your liking. If you think the line is too think or too thick, you can change the brush size by going to Object ---->> Brush Size. Play around with the feature and see what you like.



With the Vector eraser you can clean up the lines very efficiently. I make sure to check the Erase up to intersection. Then with a click on the parts I don't want, I can make crisp linework in just a second!

Making Speech Bubbles

You can make speech bubbles with the Balloon tool without having to draw your own. When you input the text, it will go on top of the balloon layer which saves a lot of hassle.


A lot of webtoon artists use the Dense Flash to showcase thoughts. It's really amazing that Clip Studio Paint has this useful tool in their program as a default.

Exporting your Webtoon

So your Webtoon chapter is done and you want to export it. I recommend saving the files as JPEG instead of PNG because PNG is a larger file and you can only upload a limited amount of MB on Webtoon. Plus, the quality on the screen wouldn't be different anyway.

If you still want to slice the images from the get-go, make sure to check the Divide Vertically. Set the height as 1280px and it will slice all you pages.


Plus, if you don't want to export all your pages at once, just make sure to check the Specify Pages and you can input the pages you want to export.

To export your pages, go to File --->> Export Webtoon.

Make sure to save it to the location you want it to.


When exporting it, this is where I change the size of the canvas to 800px.


If you go to the Webtoon site, the maximum dimension is 800px by 1280px. With Tapas it's 960px with no height limitations, though with both sites only a maximum of 20MB is allowed.


However, you don't have to slice the pages if you don't want to. Webtoon will automatically slice your pages to fit the required dimensions. Tapas will do the same as long as the width does not exceed 960px.


Because of this, you may export the pages separately and upload it straight to webtoon.


That is all from me! I hope this tutorial helped :)


I post more webtoon tutorials on my instagram @obliviousquillart



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