How to use text tools - Font list



If you have many fonts installed on your computer, searching for the desired font from a long list might be difficult. In CLIP STUDIO PAINT, font lists can be created to organize and make it easier to find frequently used fonts.

(1) Select the [Text] tool, and click the font list in the [Tool Property] palette.

(2) Click the gear icon and display the [Settings of font list] dialog.

(3) Click the button in the bottom left of the [Settings of font list] dialog, and create a new font list with any name you like.

(4) From the list, select which fonts you'd like to include in the font list.

(5) Click the [OK] button after completing the settings.

(6) The font list can now be selected in the [Tool Property] palette.


Click [Display font name in specific font] or [Display text in specific font] to toggle how text is displayed in the [Font list].


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