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Hello again this is miyushi twins in this tips we well talk about my techniques and items that we love using in clip studio paint and how we can used and how is uselfull and with easit way ! Let’s check out!

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This is table show how we used on the our regularly day illustrations so that really help us to understanding the program well !

Miyushi toutrial

Miyushi hair tutorial:

Overall this is our hair coloring style so i hope that enjoy it , after you drawing the hair style , then fill the hair by base then line it like hair techniques each signal hair draw , after that i have downloaded blender type called : paintliy blender go with hair movement , then add multiplayer layer with reduce 80% add shade color , then add overlay by using spray air and you can add textures for hair by using mapping pen …

Miyushi clothes toutorial:

As you drawing the sketch you can fill it and drawing the designs as you like in one layer or different but for me as i said in upper paragraph i like separate in files to be organized, and then add multiplayer layer using gray color to shades the tone after that can blend it by normal blender , if you need to be the clothes light or more darker can use overlay layer above by light er color , after that again use another multiplayer layer adding the shades …

Miyushi skin color :


You can see in the picture its simple wich is just add color then blend it with blender and bluer in edges after that adding by air brush the reddish and the glow by light color , can add the shades by the more brownish color by multiple layer …

Miyushi eye color :


Its simple in the beginning while the newest thing is using the gradient technique so by using color and then using by up to bottom , so that give you the tones of color , then add add glow layer and reduce it some texture in two final steps ..

Final look

I hope that everyone love our tip for today and i hope that is useful for everyone

Vedio tips here



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