Easy way use filters withe miyushi !!




Outline :

  • Introduction

    • Body(explainedhowtousefilters)
  • Conclusion


hello this miyushi twin today will teach you how can use the filter in clip studio withe easy way and we hope to understand everything about the lesson today are you ready !!

First what is meaning of filters : Filters are little operations you can run on your drawing. You can visualize as real-filters that can make a photo darker or blurrier or lighter.

Body explain

effect ( chromatic aberration )

Chromatic aberration, also understood as color flinging, is a coloring distortion that makes an outline of undesirable color along the edges of objects in a picture. Usually, it appears along metallic feelings or where there's a high difference between light and dark objects, such as a black wall in front of a bright blue sky.

Have two type :

lateral ( use angel )

Repeating the pictures  many times in different color make different outlook the intensity is opinion if want to be more showing or no and the angel mean what are want start the effect it showing the red x

radial ( use center point )

It showing only one color like blue lights are the drawing showing double  that give like radio showing

where i can use it :

  • \Modernartwork

  • \Speedeffect

  • \Canuseinthebackground

Pencil drawing

pencil drawing its feel like you drawing with traditional pencil and canvas where the the coloring its shown like scratches pencils :

The seating:

hatching size : mean is sketch size with increased the number it showen large size of the lines

Hatching roughness : its look like canvas texture so if smooth the edges of sketch not shown if the canvass are rough the sketch it showning

The angel : is moving the sketch lines with increased the number it well moving like clockwise …

The outline ; it shown like with bold selection line

Retro film

retro film is like the image in contact of film shot  there is many types of it  :

preset -vintage - modern - none  add effects  sepia a reddish brown color associated particularly with monochrome photographs of the 19th and early 20th centuries or light leak or slant or slope with chosen the angel or can put in all ..

The result

This illustration we drawing for out character miyushi and her i showing you the difference between the effects filters , this picture give you the answer and real effect



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