How to paint in watercolor style?




I haven't made many watercolor paintings digitally, but I'd like to share some tips. I think the best thing to do is to make a watercolor brush, practice, and paint, as is commonly said.


I make watercolor-like illustrations using solid coloring and standard brushes, so I'll roughly introduce those tips.


1. Prepare a picture you've made in the normal way

2. Prepare a watercolor-like layer (see below)

If you can create something that looks like a watercolor painting by simply drawing it directly, that's fine, but I think it's better to create it by first drawing something roughly and then adding a watercolor-style layer on top of it.



3. Expand the white and nearby areas of the composited watercolor-style layer with a pen or fill to select a wider color range.

4. Once you have a good selection, use filters and various adjustments to make it look like a watercolor painting, and then use a pen tablet to finish it off. If it doesn't look watercolor enough, create a new watercolor layer and go back to step 2.

5. Combine the selection with the original image without canceling it. This time, I've applied color inversion and reduced transparency.

6. It didn't work out so well, so I added some more extended lines to finish it off, and added a little more ink to give it a hand-drawn feel.

7. Paint the white parts of the original graphic white again.

Is this watercolor-style? ? Well, I guess...

Thank you very much.



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