Character Outfits :)





I hope you enjoy my tutorial, I am not the best but if I can help anyone with this that makes me happy.

The Basics

Time Periods

What period does your character take place in, this affects what sort of outfit they would wear

if you’re feeling daring you can combine time periods and play around with the clothing

  • Personality/Feelings

The personality of your character greatly affects the outfit. Adding how they are feeling can also affect the outfit and can make a connection with the viewer.

In my example I also changed the the color schemes to help convey the feelings can you tell?

  • ColorScheme

This can help show the emotions and personality through the outfits, I am not the best at color schemes yet.

  • Refrence

Don’t be afraid to collect references, we all aren’t fashionistas and can come up with outfits at the top of our heads. We all need references every once in a while.



Lets make an Outfit!

I’ll be using a character of mine that I created.

Here I’ll go over the basics.

  • TimePeriod:21stCentury
  • Personality:Girly,Snob
  • setting:blankBackground

These are the references I put together for this piece.

After choosing what I like the most, I start on the outfit.

    + addingaccessoriescanaddmorepersonalitytoanoutfit.

Ex. Necklaces, Bracelets, Earings, Rings…ect..

This is what I drew with no overlay on my character outfit.

This is with overlay and a background color.

I hope my tutorial helped at all.



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