Delicious Burger Colored Pencils Tutorial




Hi, My name is Awanndus, and welcome to my tutorial.

Today I am gonna show you how to make The Delicious Burger Colored Pencils drawing in Clip Studio Paint. It's gonna be a long ride, so read carefully.

I made everything in very detail version, so you can learn all of my tutorials very quick and effectively.


The technique quite easy, I adopted the technique from traditional colored pencils media into digital media. let's get lost!


First of all, I suggest you download my Brush Set. I set 5 brushes in the file. 3 brushes were original from CSP (Clip Studio Paint), and 2 were mine. I set it so you can feel the colored pencil stroke.

The characteristic of the brushes attached above.

What inside of my brush set.

1. Mechanical Pencil (Original CSP)

2. Rough Pencil (Original CSP)

3. Colored Pencil (Original CSP)

4. Heavy Pencil (by me) ---> the powerful one*

5. 2B Pencil (by me)


You can download it in the link below.

Don't forget to give me feedback so I can make more better brushes.


After you download the file, let's start sketching.

The sketch is the foundation of the whole drawing. if you make an accurate sketch, you will get the best result. learn every time for sketching, and your technique will grow so fast. in this tutorial, I using a mechanical pencil (Original CSP) brush for the sketch. it's a good brush for making the clear line.


Go fill the line with the colors palette. prepare your palette and happy with this.

decide the appropriate colors as you want. but, in this tutorial, I used realistic colors so you can learn easily.


after you finish decide the palette, you can now draw the colors in the drawing object. I preferred using Rough Pencil (CSP Original) cause the brush nice for making colored pencil stroke in the beginning. you can see that the stroke was so strong.


TIPS: you have to learn how to draw the line. the basic always the line. so if your line technique better you will found the best result.


I remember when I am using traditional media. I love blending my drawing with a traditional paper stump. it's giving me realistic blury shadow. well, I used the Colored Pencils brush (CSP Original) to make the effect of blending stump. Not bad, I love the result.



after the blending step, now it's time to giving the shadow. decide where the dark part of the drawing. and draw the line just like (weak line/hard line/crossing line). your artistic feel needs to play here.


and this is the perfect time to introduce you to my brush. I named it Heavy Pencil brush. this brush work so good for drawing, you can feel the pressure work so soft and so heavy (it's about how you control it). this brush gives you a really good stroke. it's perfect for drawing and colored pencils in Clip Studio Paint.


in this tutorial, I mostly used this brush cause I know how powerful this one. now, it's your time!


Well, some realistic artist will know how the feeling when detailing the painting. it's taking so long time but, you will satisfied with the result. Detailing is the best things for killing time.


The last part always the best. I love to give the light effect at the end of the drawing.

I give the light effect in order making the object looks oily and looks realistic.


And yeah, I use Heavy Pencils brush for this too.


If you are curious about how many layers in this tutorial, I give you the answer. I have 7 layers with signature. the setting of all the layers was the same. all you need to do now it practicing if you like my tutorial, just do like what I do and make your own workflow process.

Final Result.


Yeah, my technique adopted the traditional colored pencils technique, you can even use this tutorial in making the traditional one. I think it giving me a good result and more natural stroke for colored pencils.


and yeah, now it's your time to take apart.

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I can't wait how your beautiful creation with this tutorial. Nice to meet you. ^.^



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