February, 2021

Tips of the Month

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Out of the Tips posted between Feb 1–28, 2021, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

The themes were "How to paint skin," "Drawing backgrounds with perspective," and "Fashion design." In "How to paint skin," there were many submissions from realistic 3D style painting with light sources to simple anime-style painting. "Drawing backgrounds with perspective," saw a lot of tips that explained the basics of perspective drawing but we hoped to see more content that showed how it was used in actual artworks. "Fashion Design," had a lot of content that was fun to read, showing how to think about and create fashion for original characters. Submissions for the next Tips of the Month have already started! We’re looking forward to your entries!

Video Award

  1. This tutorial explains how lighting from surroundings affects skin tone, and how to choose colors that reflect this in an easy-to-understand and detailed manner through text and video. If you have been selecting colors for skin highlights and shadows only based on how light or dark they are, then this tutorial is for you!
  2. This video shows how to use a perspective ruler to create impressive backgrounds using a cute box character as a guide. It may look simple, but you will enjoy learning how to make guides with the ruler, how to draw shapes along the ruler, and many other techniques condensed into a short video.
  3. In this course, you will learn how to draw manga-style backgrounds using the functions of Clip Studio Paint. The video explanations are particularly easy to understand and full of techniques that you will want to immediately try for yourself. Practice the video content, and drawing backgrounds will become a breeze!

Gold Award

  1. This tutorial will help you fashion your fantasy characters! Tips and tricks introduced are quite useful, such as why you should draw your character as a chibi, how to coordinate, customize, and accessorize outfits. The pictures are cute, and the tutorial was fun to read through.

Silver Award

  1. Painting realistic skin and skin texture can be complicated but fear not, as this Tips includes thorough instruction and GIF examples of brush strokes to help explain the process. It shows how to use color palettes that consider the face's internal and external textures, such as veins under the skin, pores, and scars. It also shows techniques for applying skin color from various directions with multiple light sources.
  2. If you are not good at drawing backgrounds, this tutorial will lower the hurdle for you. It contains a lot of information about helpful tools, such as using the free transform tool with the perspective ruler to improve the quality of your backgrounds. The examples are informative, using photographs to analyze perspective and deepen your understanding of perspective, all while having fun!
  3. In color comics such as webtoons, you cannot avoid spending a lot of time coloring skin. Simple yet effective tutorials like this show how to paint skin using step-by-step instructions on choosing colors and layers make things much easier, especially for beginners!
  4. This TIPS starts with the basics, such as the shape of folds and creases in fabric, and then explains how to design clothing in an orderly fashion. Even beginners can create wonderful costume designs by simply using the same order. The second half contains useful information for designing adorable outfits, which we liked because it lets us see the author's personality.
  5. Review the basics of fashion design to improve your characters with this handy TIPS! It explains in detail how to capture the basic shape of clothing, how folds and wrinkles appear, what types they are, and choosing a color palette. The content can be applied to both character design concepts and fashion design.
  6. So you've drawn your character. Next comes the background, and it needs to be in perspective... Now what? This tutorial comes to the rescue! It thoroughly explains how to solve this problem and take your illustrations to the next level! It is full of techniques that help you check and double-check that your character and background are drawn according to perspective using the Perspective Ruler, 3D figures, etc.

Bronze Award

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