January 2022

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Out of the Tips posted between Jan 6 to 31, 2022, the writers of the following will be rewarded a cash prize or GOLD!

The themes for the 33rd Tips of the Month were How to Draw Hair, Using the Liquify Tool, and Combat Characters. For How to Draw Hair, we received lots of Tips ranging from process videos to articles that went in-depth on hairstyles, coloring, lighting, and adding the finishing touches to hair in art. Using the Liquify Tool, saw posts explaining a wide range of use cases in detail, giving us a good idea of how to put the new tool to use in our work. Combat Characters showed us precisely what it takes to create a unique fantasy or Sci-Fi character. Submissions for the next Tips of the Month have already started! We’re looking forward to seeing your entries!

Video Award

  1. This Tips carefully explains the process of creating a combat character, from concept to completion. We especially like it for the way the author colored the piece, using colorize and gradient maps as well as selection layers and tonal correction. Give the video a look as well - it’s a very easy watch!
  2. This video has amazing reference illustrations! They helped us understand the Liquify sub tool, and we enjoyed the many suggestions for how to use it, from correcting lineart to creating animations and transforming speech bubbles. We recommend watching this video and giving the Liquify sub tool a go yourself.

Gold Award

  1. This comprehensive tutorial shows you how to draw all sorts of hairstyles. Whether it’s straight hair, curly hair, or all types and textures of hair, you’ll find a wealth of illustrations and a video showing you exactly how to achieve the look you’re after. The author's observational and analytical skills are evident in the content of this article.

Silver Award

  1. This tutorial shows how to draw black-and-white manga character hair using screentone. It introduces techniques for drawing glossy hair without moiré - it’s even easy for beginners without much technical knowledge. Even those who don’t draw manga too often might catch the bug because of this wonderful guide!
  2. This guide introduces a hair drawing technique using Border effect from the Layer Property palette. It’s a common technique, but the artist showed how it could be put to good use by including the post-process of laying down colors and effects to the drawn hair.
  3. If you’re looking to draw character illustrations and want to pick up the basics of drawing hair - this is the Tips for you! The process of drawing several different hairstyles from lineart to full-color illustrations is explained at length. Furthermore, if you’re interested in drawing black-and-white manga hairstyles, take a look - there’s a section on that in here for you too.
  4. This article has a slightly different approach to the How to Draw Hair theme - it examines the way light hits the hair. If you want to add convincing highlights to hair, be sure to carefully read the article along with the video.
  5. This Tips guides you through thinking about a character's personality, why they're fighting, and their combat stance to create a character that perfectly matches the setting. It carefully explains the decision process of body type, clothing, coloring, and weaponry based on character personality and background in an easy-to-understand way.
  6. Use this article to find out how to use the Liquify tool to create manga-style explosion scenes in no time at all! The videos and pictures in the guide introduce practical techniques that are easy to try out yourself. It shows how versatile the Liquify tool is and how you can use it to create visual effects.
  7. This hair tutorial not only explains how to draw a multitude of different hairstyles but also covers the basics of drawing illustrations with movement by showing how hair behaves in different situations. It also presents a simple step-by-step on applying color to the hair. Another merit of this guide is that it shows how changing small things about a character’s hairstyle can alter the viewers’ impression of them.
  8. This well-written Tips shows how to use the Liquify tool on the smartphone version of Clip Studio Paint. From the basics of Liquify tool to its practical applications, it explains everything in an easy-to-understand way. Take a look at this guide and have a go at using the Liquify tool on your smartphone too!

Bronze Award

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