I really enjoy drawing mech so i thought I’d share my process when drawing it and some tips to get better at it!


First thing first,
What you will need to do is to try understanding how Joints work.
They’re everywhere in your body and allow movement.
You will need to grasp how they work if you want your mech drawings to look better.

Here are the most used joints I’ve seen used in mech so far.

Please take the time to learn how they operate and how they allow rotation.
It’s really important you practice drawing joints because they are what will make your mech designs look more believable.

Once you get comfortable with drawing joints you will understand how you can use them to rotate legs, arms and all sorts of stuff.

Also , make sure to use references when drawing mech.
It’s quite complex and improvisation won’t work if you don’t have the basics already, you will only end up with incorrect drawings.

Once you get comfortable with joints you can then pick what kind of materials you want on top of them, or you can not cover them at all, it’s up to you!


You will also need to have a pretty good understanding of shapes to draw mech.
Since mech is mostly made from geometrical shapes.

I recommend you practice drawing shapes in perspective and modifying them if you want drawing mech to be easier.

Add, remove and change parts of a shape like the picture above and try softening the edges of cubes and such.
It’s really fun to practice.

Also remember that when drawing mech you will need to make shapes adapt to other shapes to make them work together.

Here you can see how some shapes (rectangle and cylinder in this case) are modified to adapt and fit with others.
It’s also easier if you visualize the human body as primitive shapes too.

Combine shapes with joints and try creating various objects that rotate in some way.
This will help you get more comfortable when drawing mech.


So now, here’s how i go about drawing mech suits.
You don’t have to draw this way but hopefully this can guide you if you don’t know where to start from.

Usually i first sketch a vague idea of what i want the shapes to look like.

Then , if i want i can draw the shapes of the human body. I don’t always draw them but i recommend you do if you’re getting started with mech.
It will help you stay in the right path for when you start drawing the suit.

It’s easy to get lost and if you don’t have a clear idea of where the human body is you can start messing up the perspective and proportions.

Then start drawing the general shapes of the suit.
From here on you’ll start modifying shapes like i showed previously so it is important you don’t skip practicing with shapes.

Then start adding the details of your suit.
Look at references for this!

Then line it up and you’re done!

I also recommend you draw with a perspective grid along if you don’t want to get lost.

After you’ve practiced more with mech you can skip the part where you sketch the body’s primitive shapes and start directly with the overall mech suit shapes and draw all the details from there

This is the kind of sketch i do and then i add all the details on another layer.

Drawing it all in one go is possible but requires a lot of practice, artists like Kim jung Gi are capable of it for example.
Let’s practice more so we can reach this level !!^^

Thank you for reading !

Thanks for reading!
I hope this helped you get into mech!
I really enjoy drawing it so i hope you do too from now on.

If you want to see more of my art i welcome you to my Instagram page:

See you later!💗



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