Bubble Tea




Hello everyone!

This time I’m doing a Bubble tea game object

Of course you can use this technique or object for other illustrations as well

I`m starting off with a rough sketch, it dosen’t need to be perfect , just have a broad idea of how you want the object to look like

After that, on different new layers, let make the lineart, and on a different layer add color for each object

Use the symmetry tool if you want

You can also draw the staw straight, and rotate if afterwards

As we did before, on different layers use simple shapes to have a basic form

We will clip different layers on these, so you wont lose the shape and you won’t have to redraw them

Now hide all the layers you don’t need at the moment

Use the lasso tool to select different parts on the glass and start adding highlights

For the transparency effect, just use a bit of the eraser (like the back of the glass)

Don’t erase too much otherwise the drink will be see-true (which is good if you want a more clear liquid, however in this case, the liquid is very dense)

Continue adding details

As before, select different parts of the glass, like the rim of the glass, and on a new layer start adding more highlights and shadows)

You can spend as much time or as little on these steps

By keeping the elements in different layers, you can easily change colors if needed (for example I can change the transparent glass to a more red tone if I want)

Color of the liquid can also easily be changed at this stage

It is time to work a bit on the background

I just added a color, and using the airbrush I made a few shadows

You can also use lasso tool in combination with the blur effect to have a soft transition

For the ice cubes, I just made one, used the eraser tool for the transparency effect, and the Lasso tool to add lines on the corners

After that, I duplicated the cube a few times and rotated it to have an interesting composition

Let’s add some effect to the liquid

I selected the liquid, used the airbrush to add a lighter color on a new layer, and a darker color on a different layer, then used the smudge tool- or the finger tool to make different vertical curved lines

I also used this tool to broke the roundness of the tapioca elements



Now let us work on the staw, and this one is a bit easy, just add a highlight with the airbrush,and a darker color using also the airbrush



Now I wanted the background to have a warmer feel to it, so I used the color balance to change it a bit

I also added a few dots in combination with the gaussian blur for a more scenic look

At this stage, I decided I wanted the glass to be just a bit taller

So I merged everything that was the glass and its content, duplicated it on a new layer, and erased parts of it. I also redid the shadow

This doesn’t work all the time, but in this case, it seemed to be fine

And here are the images side by side

Thank you for checking out this post!

See you next time~



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