How to Use Clip Studio Paint



What do I need to do to use Clip Studio Paint?

This article covers all the steps from downloading the trial version to setting up your drawing tablet.

[1] Installing the trial version

To use Clip Studio Paint, you’ll need to download the software from the official Clip Studio Paint site.

Clip Studio Paint site

Click the “Free Trial” button to be taken to a screen to choose between downloading for Windows or macOS.

When you click on the download button for your system, the download will begin.

[2] Registering a license from the trial version

You do not need to uninstall Clip Studio Paint to switch from the trial version to the full license version.

Simply register your serial number to keep using Clip Studio Paint with your preferred settings.

After purchasing your serial number, go to the [Help] menu ([CLIP STUDIO PAINT] menu in macOS), then select [Review/Change License] and enter your serial number.

You can upgrade from a PRO license to an EX license in the same way.

Visit the following site for more details.

Plan Options


If you have lost your serial number

Please check the following article for advice on how to retrieve a lost serial number.

Lost your serial number for CLIP STUDIO PAINT?

[3] Setting up your tablet

Set up a drawing tablet to your computer to draw just like with real pens and brushes and create illustrations naturally.

Pen pressure wizard

A pen pressure wizard will start when using CLIP STUDIO PAINT for the first time.

An [Adjust pen pressure] dialog box will appear, allowing you to fine-tune the pen settings.

(Select [Adjust later) to skip)

Selecting [Adjust] will prompt you to draw on the canvas and make adjustments.

After making adjustments, click [Check adjusted results].

The [Check Adjustment] dialog will appear. Draw on the canvas to check the adjusted results.

If there are no problems, click [Complete] to exit the wizard.

Refer to “Pen Tablet Basics” to learn about tablet settings and techniques.

1. What is a Pen Tablet?

2. Settings and How to Use a Pen Tablet



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